UWP - getting started with win2d

Play UWP - getting started with win2d

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    akinola kayode

    microsoft mobiles code

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    Sign this guy up!  He should be presenting on MVA. Not only does he know his topic well, but he is also a very capable presenter. He clearly explains what he is doing, making it easy to follow his process. Well done! 

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    I don't seem to be having the double trouble (heh) that you are having, and my code seems to be the same. Is it possible that what you've done is outdated already?

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    @Thomas, maybe the difference is that I'm using "Option Strict On" (under ProjectProperties>Compile), and you're using "Option Strict Off"?

    I sometimes forget about it since I set it to be my default (under Tools > Options > Projects And Solutions > VBDefaults)...

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    Great job Lucian, I am going to check out your other stuff now! You didn't waste time on unneeded info. You gave reasons for some of the key choices. You made simple tweaks and showed how they affected things. You started with super simple and built on it intelligently.

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    Excellent introduction Lucian! I also learned a couple of new features in VB too. Thank you very much :)

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