CLIP: prepping for DEMO pitch with Guardly

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"it's kind of like these young tech entrepreneurs are turning into the rockstars of the 21st century..."

Have a look as the Guardly team prepares to take the stage at DEMO.





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The Discussion

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    brian dubeau

    Guardly is the future for all concerned safety minded people

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    Nathan Pape

    That is awesome, Great to see so much hard work get recognized.

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    Rick Mercer

    Need to get these guys on this Hour has 22 Minutes.

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    Steven Spielberg

    Can the tall one in the Guardly t-shirt please call my office. We'd like you to audition for a made-for-tv movie I'm producing.

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    Milos Forman

    Ignore Spielberg. Come to Europe I'm working on a new film with Kirsten Dunst called Amadeus Rebooted. You'd be perfect.

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    Tall Guy

    I'd say have your people call my people, but i'm a dev, I have no people ;-) just tweet me

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    Mark Zuckerberg

    Really? All you have to do is "wake-up one morning with a good idea and shazaam! You're a gazillionaire"
    Worked me for me...but come on.

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