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Excited to share the official trailer for Ctrl+Alt+Compete AND announce that the film will be premiering at the Napa Valley Film Festival in November!

Why did we make this film? We believe technology is fundamentally changing the world.  The things that technology entrepreneurs create, the ideas that they're able to make reality, the tangible value they deliver is reshaping the way people live their lives every day.  There are lots of tech startups out there taking their shot at changing the world.  There's no shortage of ideas...the infrastructure to build quickly is cheaper and more accessible than it's ever been...there's lots of capital floating around for the right idea.  There is a "story behind the story" of just how hard it is for these ideas to go from inception to reality and become the products and services that we use every day.  It's about the power of people pouring their passion, drive and dedication into building something that changes the world—no matter how hard.  We believe that is a story worth telling and sharing.

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