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ASK PAM is a unified multi-channel messaging web app which allow any Hospitality organizations to respond, support and engage with customers using popular messaging apps, SMS, websites and mobile apps. Today, customers expect to engage with companies using their preferred communication channels that will vary from one situation to another, and consistent, personalized, real-time conversation is not only saving customers time while improving their overall experience, it also increases loyalty and drive revenue to the company.

During a hackathon we leveraged:

  1. Azure App Services
  2. Cognitive Services
  3. Bot Framework
  4. Xamarin

To augment concierge efficiency and responsiveness, as we built a bot to propose or recommend answers for questions sent from the attendees. A bot was prototyped with, The Bot Framework and the

The bot uses the to get potential answers from a knowledge base that is fed by the Ask-PAM hub. The concierge have the option to edit the answer or send it directly to the attendee or provide an alternative answer. If an alternative answer is sent to the attendee, the question-answer pair is fed back into the Ask-PAM Hub and if accepted by event staff on the Hub; it is incorporated into the knowledge base that is feeding the QnA Maker. For certain questions such as session-related questions (like: what is the next session?), the bot will understand the intent using and produce a dynamic answer.

Further, we developed a Xamarin application that contains an interface to the bot so that concierges can add question-answer pairs to the ASK-PAM Hub & Knowledge base and get answers for questions asked in-person at the event.





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