Martin Fowler: Introducing Domain-Specific Languages

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As Martin Fowler begins to see the light at the end of the tunnel on drafting his DSL book, he's been prone to give more talks introducing DSLs. While he wouldn't consider it appropriate to give such a talk at this august gathering, he did think it would be interesting to do a meta-talk version of his introductory talk. For this he'll walk through the same material, but instead talk about why he thinks the approach he takes to an introduction is a useful way to guide people in their approach to DSLs.



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The Discussion

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    Silly question, why is content four years old being posted?

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    @ryknyk: Not a silly question... This was posted here because all of this content was about to be deleted from another site (due to lifetime restrictions) - and we don't think this content should disappear forever! There is some great stuff here.


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