Troubleshooting IIS and ASP.NET Issues with Log Parser - Slow Performance -1

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If you troubleshoot day in and day out, you will deal with an amazing amount of data. Because, to find out the cause and get to the bottom of the issue, we look into lot of places. For example: IIS Logs (If we are troubleshooting issues related to websites hosted in IIS), Windows event logs, Network traces, Custom logs in various formats, Process monitor, Performance monitor, ETW traces, Active directory objects, Registry and what not. In this series of videos, we will discuss about a simple but a powerful tool called LogParser which will help us analyze these log files with tremendous amount of data to troubleshoot variety of issues like slow performance, DOS attacks, session loss etc. 

These videos will help anyone who does troubleshooting be it a developer, system admin or end user to effectively analyze various log files.



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The Discussion

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    Thanks Jawahar - I really like the idea of "bite-sized" techie diagnostics pieces like this.

    I am already somewhat familiar with Log Parser - but I learned about the Datagrid output format, and also liked the way you used MaxTime and AvgTime to get a deeper insight into the slow responses.

    One suggestion - paste the LogParser command lines you are demonstrating into the text commentary below the vid window. That way I can simply copy and paste to test against my own logfiles, rather then retyping a 200-char command line....

    ....coz I'm a bad typist!

    Subscribed, and looking forward to the next episode

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    Jawahar Ganesh S

    Hello Chris,

    Thanks for your comments. Sure, I will add the queries into the text commentary below in all my future recordings.

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