Troubleshooting IIS and ASP.NET Issues with Log Parser - Slow Performance -1

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    Thanks Jawahar - I really like the idea of "bite-sized" techie diagnostics pieces like this.

    I am already somewhat familiar with Log Parser - but I learned about the Datagrid output format, and also liked the way you used MaxTime and AvgTime to get a deeper insight into the slow responses.

    One suggestion - paste the LogParser command lines you are demonstrating into the text commentary below the vid window. That way I can simply copy and paste to test against my own logfiles, rather then retyping a 200-char command line....

    ....coz I'm a bad typist!

    Subscribed, and looking forward to the next episode

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    Jawahar Ganesh S

    Hello Chris,

    Thanks for your comments. Sure, I will add the queries into the text commentary below in all my future recordings.

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