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This session on Configuration Management demonstrates and discusses the benefits of handling changes systematically so that your systems maintain integrity over time.

[02:10] Introduction to Configuration Management
[04:35] Demo - Configuration Management and Continuous Deployment demo overview
[06:54] Demo - Demo architecture
[07:27] Demo - Three management server options: Azure Automation with PowerShell DSC, Chef, and Puppet   
[09:36] Demo - ARM Template - creating the VM for Azure Automation and PowerShell DSC to configure 
[11:55] Demo - PowerShell DSC configuration source 
[13:45] Demo - Puppet configuration file
[16:25] Demo - Greg explains the demo solution with WiX and MSI and continuous integration and deployment
[18:26] Demo - Reviewing the Azure VM that was created and configured by PowerShell DSC and Azure Automation
[19:40] Demo - Showing the solution running in each of the three VMs
[20:50] Demo - Review of the demo architecture
[21:52] Resources




The Discussion

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    The session was really good but I couldn't see much details about how to package the WebAPI into a Chocolatey package and publish it to a Nuget repo. I read about how to create a package manually on the but I didn't see anything about how we can create a choco package from a MVC project using VSTS.

    Any help would be appreciated!


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    Ramon, thanks for your comment.  I used WiX to create the MSI.  Please contact me offline for details.

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