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This session on Continuous Integration demonstrates and discusses the benefits of merging all working copies of developers' code with a shared mainline, producing a new build upon code check-in.

[02:24] Introduction to Continuous Integration
[06:42] Demo - Fastest Continuous Integration demo ever
[08:06] Demo - VSTS Build tasks and configuring a build definition
[10:08] Demo - Creating a git branch from Visual Studio   
[11:35] Best practice discussion on deployable unit 
[12:57] Demo - Committing changes in git from Visual Studio and kicking off a CI build 
[13:45] Demo - Branch policies
[16:35] Demo - Build runs and test results
[18:06] Resources




The Discussion

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    Excellent video as always! Please, continue to share this kind of knowledge!

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    When can we expect the slides?

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    @mmm Uploaded!

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    TJ Saotome

    Great video. It would be helpful for me to have you guys discuss the team practice, or habits a bit more... because I am from the operations side, where I do not necessarily see the actual practice of coding and integration. Knowing what practice or habits that the devs team have, and align with their practice of what the ops teams are doing, will greatly increase the knowledge sharing and collaborating, thereby building the trust we need to have successful DevOps.

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