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This session on Infrastructure as Code demonstrates and discusses the benefits of leveraging techniques, processes, and tool sets used in software development to manage the deployment and configuration of systems, applications, and middleware.

[00:46] Introduction to Infrastructure as Code
[04:34] Demo - Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Tempate overview - DocumentDB and Website in Visual Studio Code
[06:52] Demo - ARM template deployment from Azure CLI on a Mac
[07:32] Demo - Creating Azure Resource Manage Templates from Visual Studio
[09:15] Demo - ARM template deployment from PowerShell in Windows
[09:54] Demo - ARM group view in the Azure Portal
[10:38] Demo - Infrastructure as code with Chef
[15:42] Demo - Example Chef script and recipe
[18:10] Demo - Chef server and hosted Chef
[20:18] Demo - Chef Workstation
[21:05] Demo - Puppet script example
[24:49] Resources




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The Discussion

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    Hello guys, nice to see that topics been discussed here, but I'd like to know how PowerShell DSC can be part of Infrastructure as Code the same way we already see great tools like Chef and Puppet. Any news about? Is Microsoft waiting to launch W2K16 Server and with that launch everything else at the same wave? I really like Chef and Puppet but, in some cases I really don't know what to learn deeply, if PowerShell to get into DSC or if is better Get Into Ruby to dominate Chef and Puppet. Thanks in advance and greetings from Brazil!

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    I'm all for openness and universality but why does every second Microsoft employee use a MacBook?
    Are we to understand Windows 10 isn't good enough for them ?

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    @theygoran DSC currently complements infrastructure as code to help provide configuration inside the infrastructure. You can use it from ARM templates mentioned in the video via the DSC extension. But also check out Azure Automation DSC:

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    @John I run solutions and create samples that cross OSs between Windows, Mac and Linux, so it was my choice to use a Mac to make it a bit easier to switch the context. I run Windows 10 on it, and really like it. 

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    Karl Harnagy

    Great overview; thanks guys. Actually I was trying to put together a talk on Windows infrastructure automation myself, and I really like how you used the Parts Unlimited sample. Hopefully you don't mind if I borrow the approach ;-)

    On the topic of PowerShell DSC, I wonder if you've seen Inedo's new Infrastructure as Code tool, Otter ( yet? It's not really command-line driven like Chef/Puppet, but it does have some nice PowerShell integration.

    Of course, my day job is at Inedo, so maybe I'm a bit biased, but definitely worth a quick peek if you haven't tried it yet.

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