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Learn about what environments mean, options for your build agents in release, hybrid release management options, and variable scope and connections.  We finish this module with two demos 1) environment configuration for continuous deployment and then execute a release with the new definition 2) Extending the release definition by cloning and explaining templates, approvals, and mentioning how you can extend the pipeline to other tasks like cloud-based load testing.

[00:41] What is an Environment?

[03:15] Agent Options

[07:10] Hybrid Release Management

[10:23] Variable Scope

[11:56] Variable Connections

[13:17] Demo 1

[27:05] Demo 2



The Discussion

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    How do I deploy dacpac to azure in VSTS? I do not see the tasks shown at 0:14:26 (Azure SQL*). Where can I grab that?


    thank you

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    I have 7 WCF services that I want to deploy to the same Web App as virtual folders.  How do I get the Azure Web App Deployment Task to place the files in a sub folder of the web app and not at the root? 

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