Developer Diaries: Jing Chan gets over 1 Million Facebook "likes"

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Jing Chan talks about his personal history as a developer and his experience creating CamWow.



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The Discussion

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    Pretty cool Laura, Kudos to you and your team for bring us cool content about pretty cool apps and entrepreneurs, definitely this one is very inspiring, hopefully they the guys behind CamWow are not a one hit wonder.

    BTW the name reminds me of ShamWOW haha, I think the Jing should totally play it out and get a hair cut and promote the CamWOW just like the guy from ShamWOW video, that would so viral Fo sho


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    Please stop killing the market with these kind of free apps.

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    Really cool ...

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    I love the interview part about "starting to develop on the 485 in qbasic, building text adventures". I did the same thing when I started programming at around 13 years old on my first PC which was an IBM 486, I wish I still had my first text adventure game saved it would have been a good laugh lol.

    Great interview and best of luck Camwow team!

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    ed pollard

    #include "stdafx.h"

    help:vc++ expess wont compile this:#include "stdio.h"

    File *fp1;
    main() {
    printf("hello \n");


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    I like this App

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    "starting to develop on the 485 in qbasic" cool.

    Don't complain about the visual studio. ^^;

    but I don't like the Windows Phone lol


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    when we asked question we can not get enough anwser but you are exeception is well

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    I like It

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    Abe March

    The art of handwriting is becoming extinct. With the use of computers, most people just type letters. I think it would be a great feature to have the ability to send an email in handwritten script and would be a big hit.. Can you do it?

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