Developer Diaries: Blake Miller talks Bodeefit and Think Big Partners

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Blake Miller, co-founder of Bodeefit, talks about his experience working with different UI's, app building, and start-ups.



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The Discussion

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    A nice one. Cool

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    javad mousavi

    Hi I have a question for your presence
    Q: What is the difference between Windows Server 2008 R2 server thank you

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    Windows server 2008 released when Vista released.
    Windows server 2008 r2 released when Windows 7 released.
    Windows server 2012 released when Windows 8 released.
    Windows server 2012 r2 released when Windows 8.1 released.

    Here is some detail

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    gelson de souza soares

    eu gusto do internet explorer utima conequi;óes fim de 2011 e o inicio de 2012

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