Developer's Guide to Windows 10 Preview: (01) Getting Started

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Learn about the Universal App Platform (UAP) and how it supports the creation of a single app that can run across all Windows 10 devices. Explore Extension SDKs and how you use them to light up your apps with platform-specific APIs, and get a look at the tools you need to build apps, including Visual Studio, Blend, and Visual Studio Online.



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The Discussion

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    will I need to rebuild project for windows 10 again and re-release it ? Hope answer is NO its been pain since WP 7,8 and 8.1

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    James NW

    Is there a article with details? It is faster for developer to read the technical materials than watching a video with sales pitch of a speaker who seemed to be in love with his owned voice. Give us, developers a condense written version of how-to.

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    How about support for Prism MVVM, will it be supported for windows 10 apps?

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    Do you have plan for PDF Version of this series?

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    oh this version of visual Studio, does it have ISO File ?

    my speed for downloading is 90 KB/s and if I want to install it like you did, it goes for oh gosh its 12GB.when it'll done I think my Grand son can use please if this version have any ISO File Give us.

    thank you

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    @mumair85: Prism for Windows Apps has transitioned to open source/community. There is a plan to rev it, yes.

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    Waiting for the subtitled version ... (at least in English). :/

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    will the apps targeted for windows 10 work on windows 8 and windows phone 8.1?

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