Developer's Guide to Windows 10 Preview: (03) Migrating 8.1 Apps to Windows 10

Play Developer's Guide to Windows 10 Preview: (03) Migrating 8.1 Apps to Windows 10
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Take a look at the migration process for single Windows Store or Windows Phone 8.1 apps and for Windows 8.1 universal apps. Apps built for Windows 8.1 run fine on Windows 10 devices, but to take advantage of the many new features in the Windows 10 platform or to extend your app to run on additional device families, you'll need to migrate them.



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The Discussion

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    Bruno Lemos

    The link is not working or I typed it wrong:

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    Confirm. Link does not work

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    Andy Wigley

    Apologies- publishing error. Should be OK now.

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    why MSFT likes to make app developers life difficult ? every new release we have to keep releasing make changes. Why can't you learn from Android ?

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    @ASP:Cause WinRT isn't like Dalvik or ART that is emulated....

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    @Andy Wigley:Still does not work

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    Are current Windows Phone 7.x and 8.x Silverlight apps will run on Windows 10 Mobile? (whitout any modification or resubmission to the Store)

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    How to convert c++/cx project to windows 10? The upgrade tool fail with c++/cx projects.

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    So how do Universal Apps help with lack of Back Buttons on Windows Tablets (And desktop) I have heard talk of a "Global Back Button".

    Does this mean Windows 10 Tablets will finally come with proper Back Buttons (and Search/Cortland) like We have on Android Tablets ?

    How do I migrate my Windows Phone 7 XNA games into UAP ?
    Will all my Windows Phone XNA games still run in WP10?

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    Hi Andy, do you have a download link for the Contosso Cookbook sample that you used in the demo?

    Thanks, Mike

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    From where can we download the correct W10P-ProjectUpgradeUtility.. the zip is empty which i downloaded from


    We are in process of upgrading some apps and hoping this utility will help if its there.

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    If I have a windows 8.0 silverlight app and i do a re implementation to a UAP app, How do i handle upgrade of the app through the store ? if a current user upgrades their phone to Windows 10 is there a way of upgrading the application or is it now a separate app essentially and they would have to uninstall the existing app and download the new UAP app ?

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    I am getting message that VS 2015 needs to be updated after loading upgraded project. 

    It says click for update, but when it navigates to and I don't know what update I need.



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    Sheeraz Raza
    this link is not working, please share an alternate of it.

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    Sheeraz Raza

    Thanks for sharing the alternate link,
    Could you please guide about its configuration or how could I update my windows 8.1 project to universal app for windows 10 by using this script?

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    Attempting to move 8.1 Universal to Windows 10. After running this script VS reports that "This version of Visual Studio is unable to open the project. The project types may not be installed or this version of Visual Studio may not support them." Windows 10 build 10240, VS 2015 14.0.23107.0

    Any idea what direction I can try? Thanks! 


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