Developer's Guide to Windows 10 Preview: (06) Maps

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Find out how to launch out to the built-in Maps app for easy inclusion of maps and directions in your app (the Windows UAP platform includes a new Maps control and Maps services APIs). Take a look at the MapControl for those apps that have more demanding mapping requirements, and see how you can enhance the map by overlaying with your own icons and content.



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The Discussion

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    Can we finally draw polygons with holes (so called donuts) on the map? The performance of the XAML elements workaround is not very satisfying...

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    I agree with Sebastian: The XAML elements performance is HORRIBLE! I was hoping it was getting better again, the drag animations were superb in silverlight projects. Why such a step backwards, WHY? Seems like I still have to stick with my old silverlight apps... very unsatisfying!

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    @Sebastian @tipako They should provide an option to specify how much you want them to throttle drag events, as it's clearly meant to optimize battery life. However, for my app the drag events don't occur that often, but when they occur, I want them to respond smoothly and update the elements on the map at the same pace as the map itself.

    On another note, I can't debug the maps control without a proper MapServiceToken. Would it be an option for the control to know it's running within an emulator, and when connected in Debugging mode eliminating the need for a proper Token? That way you can't mistakenly publish an app without generating one from the store.

    I haven't tested it out yet in this build, but in previous map controls there is an issue when putting an overlay image on the map and zooming in too much, due to the image to exceed the maximum size allowed in WPF. Is this something you have heard before and already fixed?

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    Is there a way to download the slides of this presentation (and of the others) now that this course is not available any more also in the MS Virtual Accademy? What about the example code? It can be found somewhere?




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