Developer's Guide to Windows 10 Preview: (09) Adaptive Triggers

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Get a good look at Adaptive Triggers, which are used in XAML to automatically detect environmental factors, such as different screen sizes (like when a user resizes the app window or when running on a phone instead of a laptop), and then see how to apply a Visual State to set an appropriate screen layout. See how, used in combination with the RelativePanel control, you have powerful tools to create an adaptive UX.



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The Discussion

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    For VisualState.StateTriggers, can you have multiple triggers? For example, I may want to adapt the view where the screen width is less than 600 and the orientation is landscape? This way, I can show a different view on a phone in landscape orientation.

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    VisualState don't work if the Grid is in a ScrollViewer :-.

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    Pranav shah

    how to set Visualstate setter property set?

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