Developer's Guide to Windows 10 Preview: (10) App-to-App Communication

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Since there are loads of great new ways for apps to communicate with each other in the UAP, take a quick look at what app-to-app meant in Windows 8.1 and how it has been greatly extended with exciting new capabilities in UAP, such as LaunchForResults or invoking a specific app when using protocol activation. Explore the new Shared Storage capability, which is a sort of file share for apps from the same publisher.



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The Discussion

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    Is there an option for an app to handle web links? i.e. "http://..." So we can open apps from a web link instead of viewing in the browser.

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    @goaty1992:I agree. If an email has a link to http://mysite/content and the app is installed, the link should launch the associated app for consistent user experience. 

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    I also want to see browser to app communications updated. Are we still stuck with the same fire and forget method? Can we specify the package family name now and force a specific app? Can we pass a parameter and have it persisted through an app install?

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