Developer's Guide to Windows 10 Preview: (14) Evolving the Web Platform

Play Developer's Guide to Windows 10 Preview: (14) Evolving the Web Platform

The Discussion

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    Windows Phone 8.1 had a swipe-left-to-go-forward and a swipe-right-to-go-back that used to cause a lot of trouble with pages that used swipe events (e.g. slideshow).

    When we tried to swipe to open a menu or go to the next slide, the page navigated and all was lost. Very annoying. 

    I hope Spartan does not have this swipe gesture or workarround this problem. :)

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    Windows 10 is looking great for developers. Kudos to Microsoft. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing what developers come up with and the kind of applications these advancements open up

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    @brunolemos: I agree absolutely. I hope they implement it like Chrome for Android now where you swipe only the address bar to go back/forward

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