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This video is part of a free online course from Microsoft Virtual Academy, click here to view the full course and take advantage of many additional features such as assessments, slides, learning plans and more.

Developing HTML5 Apps Jump Start (01a): HTML5 Semantic Structure, Part 1

17 minutes, 42 seconds


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Microsoft Technical Evangelists Jeremy Foster and Michael Palermo kick off this exam 70-480 prep course with an engaging discussion about HTML5 semantic structures. Topics include Semantic tags, Forms, Audio and Video, Canvas and SVG. 

Complete course outline for the Developing HTML5 Apps Jump Start:

This series of videos are a great way to help you prepare for Exam 70-480. Register now to take the Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 exam (70-480) exam. The promotion for the free exam using the promo code HTMLJMP is over, no new registrations will be accepted using the code. If you've already registered using the code then you're set.

If you want to learn how to apply these HTML5 skills to build your own Windows Store app, check out the Developing Windows Store Apps with HTML5 Jump Start.


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  • Hy guys, 

    thanks a lot for that great show. i watched it very intensiv and hope to get the exam on 16.11.2012

  • @Holger1973: Thanks for the feedback! Let us know how the exam goes for you, and be sure to use the voucher code above. Cheers!

  • JeromeJerome

    I tried to use the voucher code to register the exam. but the site showed me an error message "invalid voucher code". Is the supply of the free examination ended?

  • @JeffKoch:thanks a lot  Cool

  • use as a promotion code ...It works for me...



  • DavidDavid

    Hi, could you please tell me what Michael said at 11:30 after
    "Exactly. There is no browser. We're actually running ... "
    My English isn´t good.


  • parveenparveen

    can anyone tell me how i can get voucher code HTMLJMP for registration and resgistration link also.

  • Just went ahead and registered at a location in Ohio.

    Voucher is still valid.

    I got a date of 12/21 @ 11:15am EST in Cleveland

    Will give me enough time to go through the videos and samples.  First time at Prometric in the states, will see how it goes!

    Thanks Microsoft!

  • Mike KabalaMike Kabala

    Hi. Are there any notes or slides that I can access? That chart of semantic tags is rather long for me to pause the video and copy down the whole thing.

  • @Mike Kabala: I'll see if I can add the slides to each of the posts a little later today.

  • @parveen: Here's a link to the Prep Guide for the exam: Prep Guide Exam 70-480. If you follow the link there will be a Schedule button to the right on the page. Follow that link and you should be able to register. Use HTMLJMP as a promotion code when you get to that part of the registration process.

  • abhiabhi

    hey i tried to book my exam on prometric by providing voucher code HTMLJMP bt it says invalid code

  • Juan P ArbelaezArbelaez www.​Arbelaezgro​up.co

    Thanks Microsoft, Jeremy F, Michael P and Jeff Koch, this is a great opportunity to obtain my certification, so with this videos i had and excelent tool to know everything about the exam 70-480, and the best is free!.

  • Guys!  A little help here...

    How do I get closed captions?  (I assume it the series is closed captioned. Thanks.)

  • Houssem YahiaouiHoussem Yahiaoui

    w00w .. we just watch our x factor .... really nice content thanks .

  • Chris NelsonChris Nelson

    FYI, you guys might want to update your verbiage to indicate the HTMLJMP is a promo code, not a voucher code on the Prometric site. Initially I selected voucher code, but it said it was invalid. When selecting promo code, the code was recognized.

  • Great job! I just watched the first video. It's very cool that you transfer the new stuff in an entertaining way. 

  • EugeneEugene

    Don't forget to close you audio and video tags

  • lorantdlorantd

    How this series (with some help, of course) got me certified: http://ldomokos.wordpress.com/2012/11/05/70-480-certification/

    70-481 here I come.

  • , Holger1973 wrote

    Hy guys, 

    thanks a lot for that great show. i watched it very intensiv and hope to get the exam on 16.11.2012

  • thanks , i wait my voucher exam


  • Michael Palermopalermo4 Microsoft Developer Evangelist

    Wow, thanks to everyone for great feedback Big Smile

  • Great job, and i like style of this cource. Smiley

  • AnthonyAnthony

    Hey Guys just jumping into this. any guide on what i need to do will be great. hope someone replies. cheers..

  • The player session stops in between. Do any body face the same issue?

  • Y YY Y

    My IE9 crashes all the time I attempt to start video.
    Any ideas?

  • Gerardo Melendrezpayini Gerardo Melendrez

    Excellent talk folks. Thanks.

  • Cool. Thank you gents.

  • Rocks!

  • Ricardo CastroRicardo Castro

    You have to select Promotional code not Voucher Code for the discount..

  • Thanks, gentlemen, good job!  And thanks MS for the voucher. Can't wait to start coding apps.

  • Fahad AhmedFahad Ahmed

    Thank you for the content, and double thanks for the coupon!! Thank you Microsoft.

  • Hey, Thanks folks, promo code worked for me and the course content looks awsome, and pretty excited about HTML5 Apps. Thanks MS. 

  • LencikLencik

    Great job boys.

  • PuneetPuneet

    Code is not working msg poping up is (The entered voucher code is invalid. Please try again)

    Plz help Mr.Microsoft

  • dclaveydclavey Sea Weed

    Sad Same thing happened to me with the code !

    It says its a voucher code, but its actually a Big Smile promotion code. So when you type in the code, modify the voucher drop down to promotion.

  • EricEric

    thanks for the presentation guys!
    hey what do you call the screens that they are using, leaning too much.

    i want to have one of those

  • VishalVishal

    I am Giving My Exam on 16 Th this Month with My Free Coupon,But I am Not Prepared For Exam, Can I Cancel it and Postphone Date as if I try to re schedule now it ask me 15 $ ...Pl Help Admin

  • Hi,

    great video tutorials, and I like the style of presentation.

    Quick question: Is it possible to get the showed CSS Selector Windows 8 App?

    Thanks, JoKi

  • WIllardWIllard

    Great stuff!! I am having issues viewing the videos though. Is it possible to have documentation in pdf format?


  • Eric de Oliveira CamposEric de Oliveira Campos

    Just registered to the exam on 01/07/2013, enough to get well known by the techs! thanks a lot, cheer from Brazil!

  • ahhh...Registered for the exam on 11/12/2012. Hope I'll clear it and get my First Microsoft Certification.

  • tnn79tnn79

    Anyone else have any other study guides or tutorials to prepare for this exam, or you guys think this jumpstart program is enough? Thanks in advance. These videos are very helpful btw. Thank you so much

  • cs789cs789

    Does the video has closed captioned?

  • VirajViraj

    I am not able to use HTMLJMP code for regristraion at prometic site. Please suggest.

  • yemi awolokunyemi awolokun

    just starting to training.Am i to take the exam too on 16.11.2012?

  • xiaoxiao liuxiaoxiao liu

    no chinese here?why the video have not subtitles?

  • Simon ZafiuSimon Zafiu

    I registered successfully.
    Tor those who have issue, please select "Promotion code" not "voucher code", from drop down list.
    I'm scheduled, for exam, on December 28.
    Good luck to everyone !

  • virajviraj

    I get "Promotion not found" error when I used
    HTMLJMP as promotion code. Please suggest.

  • Awesome jump start series guys... Thanks 

  • YingjieZhuYingjieZhu

    Thanks for the great "Jump Start". Really great.

  • Moris Wilson ManzurMoris Wilson Manzur

    Thank You So Much, good trainig.. begin certification programing in html5 with javascript and css3

  • Great Video !!! Style of presentation is awesome.

  • Kenn LewisKenn Lewis

    Los videos contienen subtitulos?

  • zakirzakir

    Thanks for guid .....also thanks for microsoft great achivement

  • JeffreyJeffrey

    Thanks very much!

  • shelleshelle

    guys thanks for the free classes

  • Thiago da Silva AdrianoThiago da Silva Adriano

    Thanks a lot... I make to exam in 18.12.2012 ;)

  • DeepakDeepak

    Thanks a lot...I hope I can get through the exam....

  • MoosaMoosa

    Thanks a lot and I'm so grateful for you for providing this fantastic course

  • Thank you very much.

    I'm waiting for my voucher.

  • dikhsandikhsan

    I cannot download this video

  • djodjo

    How can i se the video full scream?
    please help me

  • WifiWifi

    It's very useful. I hope there are more interesting things in the next section. Thanks!

  • allenallen

    this is great, i like your videos

  • JerryJerry

    why not translate?

  • JulaJula

    Awesome tutorial....thanks a lot.....

  • bzorlubzorlu

    this is very great thanks for it

  • Hi, I admit, same issue here in Aus that the promo code isn't working, and yes, of course I tried both voucher and promo. Say's it's invalid. Sad

    Only 100 bucks, I guess work will pay for it either way, but always nice to get something free.

  • Great !
    Is there section #2 (or day #2 ) mentioned in the last video ?

  • Fareed NizamiFareed Nizami

    yes, really great job done by Microsoft Team,

    Thank you Jeremy Foster and Michael Palermo for best videos

  • AzeemAzeem


    This HTML online course is very intressing, but how does it work? Do I have to learn online and give the exam in an exam centre? Is it free?

    Can anyone comment. Thank you

  • Khadim HussainKhadim Hussain

    this is very interesting course ,
    How can we take this exam free . where we found free voucher ?

  • Mujtaba RoohaniMujtaba Roohani

    I have my exam on 12.13.12.
    Great videos but I would suggest the beginners to first visit HTML5 page on w3schools.com
    I've first learned from there and then I am going to watch these videos.
    Thanks Microsoft
    Mujtaba Roohani From Pakistan

  • Adrian George OpreaAdrian George Oprea

    @Mujtaba Roohani, stop learning stuff from w3schools.com, I've seen a lot of inconsistencies in their so-called "tutorials", they're not related in any way to the W3C. You might want to check out w3fools.com, so you can get a better clue of what I'm talking about. As for this training series, I would like to point out to you that self-closing tags are from XHTML, and in HTML5 you are not required to close <input>, <img>, <meta>, they are only allowed in HTML5 in order to ease the transition from and to XML/XHTML. If you want to be, let's say "future-proof", eliminate those self-closing tags because most of the people who are watching these training videos are usually beginners, or front-end developers that come from the XHTML era, and it should be pointed out to them that the / is no longer necessary. My personal argument for the elimination of the self-closing tags is that you'll write 1 less character. Except this issue, I really like your course and I'm going to keep on watching it !

  • Hi, i really enjoyed to listen your great information. But in my visual studio to create windows store application i did not find any link. Please let me know i am really interested to create now.

  • mostafamostafa

    I compiled all my notes after watching all these videos in my blog post:


  • GowonGowon

    please I wish to request for downloadable version of these videos to allow study and prepare for the exam.

    my internet connection is not good enough to allow me watch online.


  • RauhaylRauhayl

    How Can I get the voucher :-(

  • lcrlcr

    I'm interested in studying the web sockets material but I did not see it on the course material I download. I downloaded all of the mp4 as I find the Silverlight presentation very grainy ad broken in pieces.

    Thanks for the courses it does help a lot...

  • Thanks for the video segments. Lot of information in these videos.

  • santimacnetsantimacnet


    I have a reference in my blog: http://santimacnet.wordpress.com/

    Thanks a lot for sharing these videos.

  • MarisaMarisa

    Exam registered for after the new year, time to get my study on.

    @palermo4 'Where's the browser gone' sounds like something from my tech support job.

  • Abdul haseebAbdul haseeb

    Lots of Thanks to the Microsoft Virtual Academy It gave us the great opportunity.......

  • SandileSandile

    Hi, Thanks Microsoft for this Opportunity. Just Scheduled my Exam(29/01/2012, 12:15) in SOuth Africa. I recently just passed an Exam offered by IBM :) so i hope i pass this exam and get my first Microsoft Certification then i will move on to Microsoft Technology Associate(MTA). Thank You Again

  • marisamarisa

    Is there a link somewhere or ftp repo to download all the episodes at once?

  • DanDan

    Why do I get the feeling that Jeremy isn't happy with Michael?

  • Great videos guys.

    Quick question, what tools did you use for 1) recording the videos 2) zooming in and out 3) drawing boxes and arrows during the presentation?

  • dlizzyg9dlizzyg9 Diva Perdomo

    Great!! thanks!

  • Excellent material. I hope you continue to post more.

    "horizontal knowledge, generating vertical growth. "

  • HariniHarini

    I am a fresher.I wish to do some certifications in HTML and css. Any body help me regarding this and also reg free course and about the examination.(i am a beginner).

  • I tried registering on Prometric site but seems voucher stock is over.

    I get this message - "The maximum count for the promotion has been exceeded. Please try another promotion."

    Dear dean, please arrange it more, I'm willing to pass this exam. Smiley

  • Regginald KemboRegginald Kembo

    Just came across the info relating to the course and exam a short while ago. I was really, really interested but I also got the "The maximum count for the promotion has been exceeded. Please try another promotion." message :(. Can you please help with another promotion code.

  • SunnySunny

    Hi Microsoft,

    You said the promotion code validity till 3-31-2-2013 but now only it's saying "The maximum count for the promotion has been exceeded. Please try another promotion."

    Can you please allow us to schedule the exam that promo code, I have practiced really well for this exam. I wanted to write.

    Thank you,

  • VishalVishal

    Where can I find videos/content for day 2?


  • HariniHarini


    Pls anyone help me or suggest something for my yesterday post

  • GouravGourav

    Just came across the info relating to the course and exam a short while ago. I was really, really interested but I also got the "The maximum count for the promotion has been exceeded. Please try another promotion." message.
    Can you please help with another promotion code??

  • naresh arjalanaresh arjala

    The maximum count for the promotion has been exceeded. Please try another promotion

    This error message is coming while trying to schedule the exam using Promo code: HTMLJMP

    Can you provide anyother???

  • karthick ockarthick oc

    So sad... :(
    PROMETRIC says...
    "The maximum count for the promotion has been exceeded. Please try another promotion." with HTMLJMP...

    plz give another code..... awaiting....

  • DvidSilvaDvidSilva

    Great Job guys!
    just wondering, haven't got W8 yet, since... well, is xpensive down here. Is there a way to get licenses for developers?

  • adonisadonis

    same problem me facing as karthick is.... Tell me any solution, i want to schedule it. Today one of my fellow take exam he has one pdf file and he was saying just 40 mcqs and all were from that file, i easily got passed

  • QasimQasim

    Hello @adonis
    can you please share that file with me?

  • karthick ockarthick oc

    Somebody help plz..............

  • MaciejMaciej

    Here in Poland same problem: " The maximum count for the promotion has been exceeded. Please try another promotion." :(((

  • PavelsPavels

    Hi Microsoft,

    You said the promotion code validity till 3-31-2-2013 but now only it's saying "The maximum count for the promotion has been exceeded. Please try another promotion."

    Can you please allow us to schedule the exam that promo code. Or provie a new vocuher code.

  • sajasaja

    Yes it said valid until 3-31-2013 and I tried it now in prometric, said "The maximum count for the promotion has been exceeded. Please try another promotion." Any chance to still have a valid voucher code? Thanks!

  • Any chance for the voucher code HTMLJMP says promotion has been exceeded Sad

  • AbdulsalamAbdulsalam

    hey thanks guys for the great job that you have been doing am very sure after the course i will become an expert in the course.

  • barbarabarbara

    what version of VS do i need to open the source code? - thanks

  • adonisadonis

    yes i can, mail me your id on maharazhar@yahoo.com

  • adonisadonis

    I have register using HTMLMPN few mins before

  • SivakrishnaSivakrishna

    Hi Microsoft,

    You said the promotion code validity till 3-31-2-2013 but now only it's saying "The maximum count for the promotion has been exceeded. Please try another promotion."

    Can you please allow us to schedule the exam that promo code. Or provide a new voucher code.

  • praveenpraveen

    i am also getting same error message. please provide the alternative promo code

  • karthickkarthick

    hey guys try it out , as mentioned by @adonis "HTMLMNP" its working i have registered...

  • SoumyaSoumya

    "HTMLMNP" is not working...plz provide another code...

  • Vlad CVlad C

    New Working Code: http://www.absolute-sharepoint.com/2012/11/microsoft-is-offering-free-voucher-for.html

    @Soumya. Plesae enter it as a promo code not a voucher number!

  • MarkMark

    After viewing the videos I decided to register for the exam, but it looks like I'm also getting the exceeding message when using "HTMLJMP".

    Is the promotion still going?


  • Mr DKMr DK

    Hi guys,
    Try this promotion code: HTMLMPN.
    It's working 100%

  • GourishankarGourishankar

    I just went through the site and tried to redeem the voucher. But the promotion code HTMLJMP or HTMLMPN don't work. Can anyone guide how to get the voucher to schedule the exam?

  • I just went through the site and tried to redeem the voucher. But the promotion code HTMLJMP or HTMLMPN don't work. Can anyone guide how to get the voucher to schedule the exam?

  • HTMLMPN worked for me this morning. Choose promo code, not voucher.

  • Hi how can i get voucher of HTML

  • alsadkalsadk

    I tried to use pormotion code i got an error says "The maximum count for the promotion has been exceeded. Please try another promotion."

  • yuyyuy

    yyujy f

  • SubbaSubba

    Yes HTMLMPN is working fine.

  • seun tseun t

    Will I get the points for this course by downloading and watching or listening offline or do I have to watch the videos online before I can get the points?

    I seem to have a bit of a "buffering... for ever" problem.

  • The promo code works like a charm.

  • MatthiasMatthias

    Wow honestly this is the best tutorial series I have ever watched! Guys you are amazing.. My Exam is next Wednesday ;)

  • Thanks Mr. Jeremy Foster and Mr. Michael Palermo for your great contribution.

  • Too bad promo doesn't work HTMLMPN.

    Post from the dutch community no voucher code available. too bad

    Students are studying and are now disappointed

  • PrateekPrateek

    Too bad :( HTMLMPN is not working please suggest an another code

  • Hey, everyone. It's great to hear from everyone passing exams! There are a number of comments about the promo codes. The promo was an offer "while supplies last", and as far as I know it ran dry. If there are any extensions I'll be sure to let you know here.

  • I have just registered using HTMLMPN. I just made sure I use it as a Promo Code. You can try it.

    Thanks guys for sharing!

  • KerryKerry

    Can anyone tell me how long the exam takes? I'm a first-timer, and I have to travel almost 200 miles by ferry and then by car to get to a testing center. I have not been able to find that info anywhere on this or the Prometric site. I really need to know before I arrange travel, etc. Many thanks in advance.

  • Im the first timer with microsoft courses,and im sure i will need lots and lots of help............. 

  • Thanks MSFT!!!!!

    I am scheduled my exams this 31st!

  • After getting registered its written in POLICIES AND PROCEDURES


    What do I need to bring?
    You will need to bring two (2) forms of identification to the testing site. One form must be a photo ID, such as a valid passport or driver's license. Both forms of ID must have a current signature. The test will not be delivered without the appropriate form of identification.



    Please let me know that i have neither passport nor driver's license,, can i appear in the exam with my national identity card only?

  • Samukelo KhomoSamukelo Khomo

    Scheduled the exam, the heat is on!

  • MohsenMohsen

    Great method to teach new technology. Thanks a lot.

  • VitasVitas

    Hi, what monitors do you have on this video?

  • EddieEddie

    I cannot reach the codeshow site, it appears to be down. Tried here on IE and Chrome, then my iPhone, all to no avail. Please help!

    Thanks, Eddie

  • jhon Mjhon M

    amigo gracias, saludos desde colombia.

  • @Jerome:select promotional code instead of voucher code it will work perfectly

  • <input type="phone" /> shouldn't be <input type="tel" /> ?

  • kapkap

    "The maximum count for the promotion has been exceeded. Please try another promotion." please someone tell another code htmljmp or htmlpn not working .

  • Samuel SedlakSamuel Sedlak

    Can you please tell me what version of VS Express I can download so I can follow along with the coding. I downloaded Express 2012 for Web but it does not have the Javascript Template. Is this only available in the Professional version? Also I have Windows 7, is there a way to use the codeShow app? Thanks.

  • Kandarp DaveKandarp Dave

    How i know my voucher number?please,help me guys...

  • Thanks ( Jeremy, Michel , Jeff and Microsoft) and your effort is appreciated.

    Tutorial was informative. Got 100% (1000 out of 1000) in 70-480.

    Expecting more shows.

  • BenBen

    Hey guys, I re-encoded the videos and put them on skydrive. They are the ipad mp4 version!
    The files are way smaller and its only ~500mb to download each course.

  • I,ve tried, and yes, i've picked "promotion code" from the dropdown, but it says "Promotion not found". So is it still valid or only some countries may get this promotion?

  • Great series...Thank you for putting it together.

    Yep...code is not working, so no exam for me but I learned a lot and refreshed some basics.


  • SweetuSweetu

    Content covered in video is amazing

  • ronron

    Hi, where can we see the videos for day 2?

  • Craig MillarCraig Millar

    Ok, figured it out ... Developing Windows Store Apps with HTML5 Jump Start, linked to above ... but it's not obvious!

  • HarishHarish

    Got the email for promo code, but promo code is not working any more.

    The maximum count for the promotion has been exceeded. Please try another promotion.

  • Jyoti RaghuvanshiJyoti Raghuvanshi

    all video's can be watched on MVA and promo code is working fine HTMLMPN try these as promo code not as voucher :) :)

  • PritishPritish

    Same here..got an email about the promotion..tried to schedule an exam within 30 minutes...it says promotion not found...tried again today but the same problem...is there any solution friends...help!!!

  • DiegoDiego

    isn't there any chance to extend the promotion code, we are more than a month from march

  • RobertoRoberto

    Hi, please!!!
    Is posible that you can open a new promotion code???
    The others no found more.
    Thank you

  • jyoti raghuvanshijyoti raghuvanshi

    HTMLMPN is working............try these promo code

  • RobertoRoberto

    "The maximum count for the promotion has been exceeded. Please try another promotion."

    Please provide another promotion code... Please!!!!

  • ToreyTorey

    Is there a possibility for more promotion codes for this exam?

  • ayakayak

    Dear Jeremy & Mike!
    Plz give us one more chance to get free voucher!!
    I have just watched ur video again & again for studying but I have no chance to test for free! I want challenge seriously!! Plz, plz, plz!!!

  • RobertoRoberto

    Yes please, give us a chance to get this certification please.

  • FrancoisFrancois

    Same here.. promotional code not working on Prometric:

    The maximum count for the promotion has been exceeded. Please try another promotion.
    Even though email was received same day :-(
    Please renew the code so we can register until end of March as advertise.

  • CesarlaCesarla

    Please, another promotion code...

    The maximum count for the promotion has been exceeded. Please try another promotion.

  • Such a shame, last weak I wanted to register for the examn, entered the voucher code succesfully, but did not proceed with the form since I knew I had a busy week in ahead of me. Today I wanted to schedule the exam again for next week, now the voucher code is valid anymore. Now I'm really disappointed I procrastinated a week Sad

  • They are cool videos

  • teacherteacher

    will the voucher reopen ? plz reply

  • WaqasWaqas

    please tell me what is new promo code

  • aliali

    plz tell me how to register for free vocuher

  • GauravGaurav

    I tried HTMLMPN and HTMLJMP. Bot codes are not working its giving me error "The maximum count for the promotion has been exceeded. Please try another promotion."

    Can any one help me out? Please provide a working Promotion Code.
    When I had registered for the course it said promo code is valid till March 31, 2013.


    plz give new poromo code...

  • RobertoRoberto

    Oh please give us another code for can take this certification... Please!!! :(

  • I think it's troublesome that you define <section> as a part of the <article> while other sources does the opposite (see for example http://playground.html5rocks.com/#semantic_markup ). It seems to me that some of the new semantic tags are going to create some debate rather than provide some intuitivity Sad

  • I'm sorry about the expired voucher. They said that it had run dry and there were no more vouchers available at this point. I hope this won't keep you from taking the exam. I think it will give you more than it costs you all things considered.

  • ShaluShalu

    As Microsoft always does, they stopped the free code... They just want publicity and thats y they did this. I am not expecting them to give new vouchers as they got their goal.

  • Zeeshan A KhanZeeshan A Khan

    why are you not registering any more students, my more than 10 students was practicing from 2 Months to appear in exam now they finished their studies for 70-480.

    Very Very Disappointed.

  • ManideepManideep

    I've got the voucher code but showing invalid promotion code when am trying to register for exam, Is this because of my location (INDIA) ?

  • Robert BrownRobert Brown

    Please, give us 1 o 2 days more to trying the examen, I just finished my exam preparation :(.

  • Anil ShakyaAnil Shakya

    Thank you for nice jump start session. I have passed my 70-480 exam with the help of this session.

  • BinayBinay

    Can anyone please provide me a voucher code ...i want to give it as soon as possible ..please anybody if knw give me..

  • SandraSandra

    Hello, I have finished the course. I think is fun and interesting. Thank you for your work. But I don't agree with the cancelation of the free voucher. Microsoft told that the expire date was March 31, 2013.

  • TarangTarang

    FUNNY.....HTML5 tutorial using Silverlight plug in....hahaha. Microsoft.

  • Duncan MackenzieDuncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"

    @Tarang: it works with HTML 5 as well, just depending on what you have installed, browser you are using etc. Fallback is beautiful.

  • kriskris

    I want to download the Video in Any other format then webm that I see currently when I press save Video button.

    Any luck. My Nokia symbian phone will not take this format working :(

  • kriskris

    Their is a link in right side of Video. Thanks BTW I got it myself :)

  • Ganesh MaraganiGanesh Maragani


  • PoojaPooja

    Any updates, when will Microsoft be back with the promotional vouchers.
    The voucher no more valid!!

  • Nestornestorsanta​na Nestor Santana

    Nice work guys!

    Very helpful.  Thanks

  • is there a way to view the codeshow demos in a web browser so web authors can follow along?

  • @dsilvadarius, no, the codeShow demos only work in the codeShow app... not in the browser.

  • Hey everyone. Thanks for watching this course. In case you your dev manager keeps you in a cave and you haven't heard, Michael and I recently recorded a "refresh" of this content for Windows 8.1. Look for it at http://aka.ms/jump48xrefresh

  • CattoCatto Hey Now

    @Holger1973: Hey Now;

    This sure looks like a stellar video series. Party w/ Palermo with HTML4 Semantics.

    Thx 4 the info; Catto

  • RoshanRoshan

    thank u guys.

  • Thank you!

  • I want crying,because of my bad English.....I cannot unstand what they said.Who can help me?

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