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Microsoft Virtual Academy content

This video is part of a free online course from Microsoft Virtual Academy, click here to view the full course and take advantage of many additional features such as assessments, slides, learning plans and more.

Developing HTML5 Apps Jump Start (01b): HTML5 Semantic Structure, Part 2

17 minutes, 19 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

Microsoft Technical Evangelists Jeremy Foster and Michael Palermo continue their discussion about HTML5 semantic structures. Topics include Semantic tags, Forms, Audio and Video, Canvas and SVG in Part 2 of this module.

Complete course outline for the Developing HTML5 Apps Jump Start:

This series of videos are a great way to help you prepare for Exam 70-480. Register now to take the Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 exam (70-480) exam. The promotion for the free exam using the promo code HTMLJMP is over, no new registrations will be accepted using the code. If you've already registered using the code then you're set.

If you want to learn how to apply these HTML5 skills to build your own Windows Store app, check out the Developing Windows Store Apps with HTML5 Jump Start.


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  • Jakob KrarupJakob Krarup

    Hi :)

    Great initiative with a swift intro to the new webcoding structure!
    Thanks for the certification giveaways as well, I'm signed up and ready to go :)
    A suggestion for improvement on the screencasts: a higher resolution would be excellent as only the code (with the large font) is legible, while filenames, text-input in VS.net, etc. is hard to read, even in the High-resolution version of the videos!

    thanks again :)

    Kind regards - Jakob

  • highres vid and bigger font will be nice.

    btw can u use jquery in a windows 8 app?

  • RAHIM MohamedIslamath Software Architecte & Math Fan

    @ronnel : Guys from @appendto has already worked on a jquery for win8 ,that should work on a the Windows Store App Local Context


    See also : http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Build/2012/3-130

  • Gerardo Melendrezpayini Gerardo Melendrez

    Great video. Thanks.

  • I am a web developer and i am excited! Good job again!

  • WNHackerWNHacker

    Hey where i can get codeShow app, witch they use in the movie (they started them from start screen)?

  • @WNHacker: The code can be found here: http://codeshow.codeplex.com/ - Please read the section 'How to install the codeSHOW source code' first...


  • kiran aghorkiran aghor

    @WNHacker http://codeshow.codeplex.com/

  • DanielDaniel

    after finish the video course, is it enough to take the 70-480 exam?

  • AriannaArianna

    It will be much nicer if you two don't compete with each other in the video. All I can see is the fight now.....

  • djtxdjtx

    Loving the videos so far. I can't take my eyes off those monitors, though - what setup is that?

  • christian Valentinechristian Valentine

    Thanks for this great video. job well done.
    Please where can get the voucher code on www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com
    site when login.

  • mzer mikemzer mike

    How come the video sounds are muted? could not here a thing"""

  • DavidDavid

    The downloads are extremely slow 175kbs. The only reason I am downloading is because the video was so choppy, due to buffering, that it was unwatchable. Once downloaded I am sure it will be a good course.

  • Guys, great course and great videos. However, I really think that you should either make 100% sure that the demos work OR show us some of your debugging techniques, which I think is also super important for a developer. Either way thanks for preparing this great course. Smiley

  • Wow Thanks Good Class about Semantic Structure HTML5

  • dayonikandayonikan

    great videos, these are really good jump starts for 70-480 exams

  • I am a web designer.

    Great videos.  I am almost done with second video.  I ran into a problem  When I run 'local machine,' I get an error.

    0x800a138f - JavaScript runtime error: Unable to get property 'getContext' of undefined or null reference

    Then, the app closes. 

    Would appreciate any help.

  • RahulRahul

    Very impressive videos... But

    One question is running in my mind, that if I don't have the win8 and VS12 so I could not run this source code.

    I am using Win7 and VS10. Please let me know if there is a way to see the source code examples.

    Many Thanks

  • rb25rb25

    Good idea but poorly executed. You actually released these videos to the public? Your very first demo doesn't work. Not very inspiring.

  • hi 

    great jobs. i am very excited for that .



  • Great job very well done for new designer.

  • KaleemKaleem

    Thanks for the course, however; I think this course is a bit boring because of too much talking for explaining a simple concept. Perhaps a good working example would have made it better.

  • Mohammed ElherroukiMohammed Elherrouki

    Hi there,

    Is it true that i can only schedule this exam in america? cause i live in holland.

    Thanks in advance!

    Mohammed Elherrouki

  • PrasadHonraoPrasad Prasad

    Basic audio, video controls demo didn't work. That's poor. You should have recorded another video for that purpose.

  • Nice training. Hope to see how fast it changes in Windows 8 with HTML5 CSS3 and Javascript.

  • Rajasekhar KunatiRajasekhar Kunati

    Doors opened to gain knowledge....

  • harveyharvey

    Great video.

  • barobaro

    Awesome video!
    Audio not playing, Video not playing...good job, preparing yourself guys;)

  • Excellent material. I hope you continue to post more.

    "horizontal knowledge, generating vertical growth. "

  • Hi, firstly thanks a lot for very useful jump start, really helpful. How can i download all of videos from this course, in one go?, is there any way? 

  • Chor YCChor YC

    What a live show! They just skipped the demo with real claps and jumped to the end? Ha!

  • The broken audio and video demos reflect badly on this series.    By adding a closing tag, both examples work for me: 

    <audio src="/audio/hello.wma" controls ></audio>.  

    Oddly enough, the video worked without an explicit closing tag even though VS2012 gave me a warning when the AUDIO closing tag was missing.

  • Come on guys good intention but poorly demonstration ... Thanks anyway great idea this kind of training

  • thnkas it is very helpful!!

  • keitakeita

    Great job very well done.
    Is there a way to download all the videos together at one time?

  • vladvlad

    With all due respect, this is a pre-recorded presentation, and you do not bother to make sure that so much hyped <audio> and <video> tag demonstrations actually work.


  • JasonJason

    Hi All - the HTMLJMP promotion has ended but if you use this code you might still have an opportunity to get a free exam. HTMLMPN
    Not sure when it expires, but thought I'd pass it along.



    the video didn't play because maybe the "mp4" mimetype does not exist 


  • Alaa KamallAlaa Kamall


  • PrasadHonraoPrasad Prasad

    @Rahul:No, you cannot run it. These are Windows store app, so you need to have Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 to run it.


  • This series of videos are a great way to help you prepare for Exam 70-480.The promo code HTMLJMP is available through 3/31/2013 while supplies last.

  • BrunoBruno

    I think that I figured out how it works. For me I put the audio and the video in separated section tags. I don't know why but when you put the audio and video tabs together (audio and video above or vice-versa) they don't work properly.

    I hope this will help you.

  • fadifadi

    thik you

  • JeffersonJefferson

    Hey guys.
    I enjoyed the videos but I think you should show more examples, because there are many more tags and you didn't teach

  • i wish there are subtitles for these videos
    How can i find one ??

  • MikeMike

    Utterly pathetic. Your audio and videos examples didn't work. So obviously, you should figure out why and re-record the whole thing, or at least that section and edit it in later. PATHETIC.

  • truqtruq

    please tell me free voucher code htmljmp and htmlmpn does not working can any one help me

  • truqtruq

    tell me free voucher code on nomanqureshi8@gmail.com

  • Kent SpamKent Spam

    The problem with the audio and video content is off course, if you guys haven't figured it already ;-), that the "CopyToOutputDirectory"-property is set to "Do not copy"-value, visible at time 00:12:43.

    Why MS have chosen this to be the default value and not "Copy if newer" is beyond me.

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