Developing HTML5 Apps Jump Start (02b): CSS Selectors and Style Properties, Part 2

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    Anu L

    The enlarged vedios in CSS Selectors Part 1 and 2 showing the source code is not very clear.

    It was explainig a lot about the changes to fonts and font colors, I was not able to see the content clearly.
    I am watching it using IE 9.

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    Great Job, Jeremy... I am learning this very fast... this is a very clear explanation.

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    The same issue with Anu L

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    Great video. Thanks.

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    Rainier van Slingerlandt

    Great Video, thanks a lot. About the quality I just downloaded the high quality mp4. I am guessing that somehow silverlight is not figuring out that I have a glass fiber connection here. But great video guys thanks a lot!

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    i can see it very sharp. I am using IE 10. But also on my TV it's ok.

    Try to download in High Resolution

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    Great Video. Got a good handle of the basics. Thanks

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    I can see it very clearly. Using Safari on Win7

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    good, i can learn new thing about html5.

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    I answered two of the questions incorrectly because they used 'P' instead of 'p' for paragraph tags and 'Table' instead of 'table' for table tags - I thought all CSS was case sensitive, but I guess not ( just true for defining styles i.e. class names and id names).

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    good, i can learn new thing about html5. I am unable to see video of CSS-2 part.

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    Good video however you forgot to mention the opacity parameter is for the element and not only the text like color is, so your element would be 50% in opacity instead of the text.

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    There is always this trick.. Win-R, wmplayer, Ctrl-U, paste the URL to the WMV.

    Enjoy. Smiley

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    Good explanation, little hard to follow some of the blurry text.

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    You know what it is is when you open the video fullscreen then the visual studio text is blurry and hard to read, but if you watch it in the small box on the page then it will not be blurry but is too small to read.  It seems to be an issue with scaling the video larger to full screen.  It always helps if you guys would read what the code says when you show code from your computer, since your computer screen doesn't scale clearly into our computer screens, but you can download all the source code from codeplex.

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    Excellent material. I hope you continue to post more.

    "horizontal knowledge, generating vertical growth. "

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    (HSL): Hue is set as an integer between 0 and 360 but you said from 0 to 255 (5m32s).

    Am I right?

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    Is really text-shadow with first parameter as down, and second as right? (9min of 2nd movie here)

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    I have a question about 70-480
    what technologies do i need to know??
    HTML and Css, javascript
    i need to know how to create Windows app tooo ??

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    This the best

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    In your previous video you showed how to use Audio and Video elements.  Will these be streamed?


    Bijan G.

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    Paul Kumar

    @Olo -- you are right..
    An HSL color value is specified with: hsl(hue, saturation, lightness).

    Hue is a degree on the color wheel (from 0 to 360) - 0 (or 360) is red, 120 is green, 240 is blue. Saturation is a percentage value; 0% means a shade of gray and 100% is the full color. Lightness is also a percentage; 0% is black, 100% is white.

    source: w3schools

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    Mario Berthely

    I just finished module 2, I cannot stop

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