Developing Windows Store Apps with HTML5 Jump Start: (01a) Designing a Windows 8 App, Part 1

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    Really like the webcasts! Good job!

    Will there be a voucher code for this 70-481 exam as well? 

    For sure the videos motivates to do more with this techniques.

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    Abu Bakar Sadeeq

    A great set of tutorials to teach about Windows Store apps, I really like it, its improving my skill to develop apps for the store, Thanks MS Evangelists,

    Abu Bakar Sadeeq

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    This video doesn't seem to match up. I started watching before and got the first video, but now, it says "day 2" even though this is module 1, part 1. What's up with that?

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    Very usefull videos to start developing the Windows Store Apps in HTML5.

    good job..


    Sudhir Malireddy



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    @Xander: This was a two-day Jump Start event and we split them up in to two different course offerings. So this is the first module of the second day. Hope that clears it up a bit.

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    It is indeed a great video series.. thank you for putting it together..

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    @JeffKoch:this 481 exam, and most of the videos (from module 2 part 2 ) are from exam 480.

    Different title and different content. please corect the links.

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    Learning html5 semantics and structure, the elearning video is very exciting and helpful.


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    Where is the code for 70-481 exam.They said it is also avialable with this...?

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    Why did they exchanged their t-shirts? :D

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    Liz Levi

    Did anyone find the code for 70-481? I was all excited about 70-480, but there are no more promo codes available. It's only January and they are all gone.

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    Do a search Liz, there is another code now. I believe it is 'HTMLMPN' - allows free testing for 70-480. Like the code before it, I'm sure it has only so many uses / claims.



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    Will  you recommend a JavaScript book - preferably one that delves into the DOM similar to what ya'll covered on the other series.  Great videos btw...  and I will look for Michael on Pluralsight!  Students get a free 90 subscription through Dreamspark - might want to plug that for Microsoft.  *grin* 

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    I will recommend u to go for the book professional javascript for web developers(wrox)

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    Great information.  Thanks

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    Thanks again Jeremy ,Michal and jeff.

    really helpful too not only in exams but in actual development.

    Passed in 70-481

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