Building an ASP.NET Console app in a Docker Container

Play Building an ASP.NET Console app in a Docker Container
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In this demo, we'll build upon our last demo where we built a custom dockerfile and show how you can build a simple console application. In the demo, we'll show how you can capture Trace output to the console so that it's visible via the Docker logs command and how you can create a second process inside a container to call command line utilities like the JP2A JPEG-to-ASCII art utility.

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    This is a great video, and it appears to be easy to publish and run a console application to Docker hosted on Azure. Can you pass arguments to the console application in docker? For instance, if my console application, foo.exe, took an argument bar (foo.exe -bar), where can I reasonably insert that into the auto-generated command?

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    The easy way to do it would be to pass it in via Docker Run, the same place where we call the "foo" app to run, just like you would from a console. If you need to make it more dynamic, then you probably want one app to run and then call an external process to call another console app directly from the command line, much like that demo calls a command line utility.

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