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UX Extensibility - Intro



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The Discussion

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    Wow…UI extensibility improvements look absolutely fantastic; the UI team should be really proud of all the work they have done. The fact that everything surfaces in such an easy to use intuitive way, considering the incredible amount of plumbing going on under the hood…simply amazing!...hat off to Humberto and the product teams involved in this. 


    Dave, fantastic job on the first UI intro, can’t believe how much material you covered in the UI intro session http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeK5ZjtpO-M Angel

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    Un able to download high and medium quality WMV

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    Frustrating.. some(most) of the videos don't show on the default player (like this one) and the links to other formats are broken..!!

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    Download links are broken. Could you please upload it one more time?
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    Not a single one of the videos in this series is usable, either the streaming version or the downloads (WMV or MP4). Please fix them. Most of the links on the other videos are broken as well.

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