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In this episode of the Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson you'll find a bumper crop of demos of the latest and greatest Enterprise Mobility + Security features! OneDrive for business policy integration in the Office 365 console, custom dashboards with PowerBI, Conditional Access policy that lets you express organizational risk tolerance, device compliance and the new Intune on Azure Console. Brad and Simon also talk through the latest information about the Enterprise Mobility Market including a shocking statistic about just how much Office 365 authentication is done by non-Microsoft identity providers.


  • [01:03] What's going on Inside EMM [blog link]
  • [04:00] Staggering news on the Identity Providers for Office 365
  • [06:00] "The world is standardizing on EMS"
  • [09:00] The runaway success of 70M managed devices!
  • [10:28] The Conditional Access effect explained through live telemetry
  • [13:58] "I don't know that the ConfigMan team could have done any better"
  • [14:25] Demo: The new Intune on Azure console in the Azure Portal!
  • [15:38] Demo: Device compliance
  • [16:00] Demo: Conditional Access policy to express the acceptable risk of access
  • [28:46] Demo: Build a custom dashboard with PowerBI to Microsoft Graph
  • [32:58] Demo: App publishing through Company Portal website for users without enrollment
  • [33:43] Demo: EMS Capabilities integrated into OneDrive for business



The Discussion

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    To be clear, yes some of the Conditional Access features highlighted are currently available but they definitely do not work as advertised! Distinguishing between mobile apps and browsers flat out DOES NOT WORK. The migration off the Silverlight console has been and continues to be very painful!  

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