Conditional Access with WDATP - The Endpoint Zone 1805

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Coming up in this episode of the Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson. We take a look at feedback through Gartner's Peer Feedback. Brad and Simon deep dive into how conditional access works and how Windows Defender ATP integration protects your organization. You'll see end to end demos, architecture whiteboards and learn how Microsoft 365 simplifies your management and defense of your organization so you can explain it to others.
[00:45] Gartner Peer review - Config Manager is recognized by Customer Choice awards
[02:20] "Conditional access is something every customer on the planet should have deployed"
[03:20] Conditional Access deep dive with whiteboard and demos
[08:00] Every identity is classified as high, medium or low risk
[10:00] The only way to access your data is to have a trusted user on a trusted device, in a trusted location from a trusted app
[12:30] Bringing all the Microsoft signal together in one place
[15:22] Extending Conditional Access to Windows Defender ATP
[19:00] Our belief is that you need to have ways to detect and respond to attacks within minutes, and that's only possible with the cloud
[20:00] Windows Defender ATP walk through
[22:54] Demo - Configuring Windows Defender ATP and Intune for conditional access
[25:00] Demo - investigating an incident and showing device block with conditional access
[28:00] We will be one of your key partners on defending your organization



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