Exchange Protocol Test Suite Architecture

Play Exchange Protocol Test Suite Architecture

The Discussion

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    Sorry but he is in-comprehensible. This would have been an awesome presentation with an native english speaker.

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    Simon's Friend

    This is for Simon ( and the rest of the team in china.)
    Before presentations:
    Understand who your audience are. Prepare 10 times before the real presentation.
    During presentations;
    Assume that listener is naive, explain without using acronyms, remain focussed on the overall objective of the presentation.
    Keep the listeners engaged ; you can do this by varying your tone while speaking, that makes it non monotonous. Interact with them. Be confident.
    Practice English speaking.
    It was a decent attempt ! 4/10.

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    I was at the talk, and while it was a bit difficult to follow, it was OK live. I don't think this version is as easy to follow as the live version.

    There was a follow-on talk (in the Windows part of the interop event) presented by Nick Meier that covers some of the same material. That may be a useful adjunct.

    That said, none of this is a substitute for being hands-on and working on the real test suites and having the test suite developers (i.e. the whole team) in your office working on the issues. That was a great experience!

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