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Simon Xiao, Software Developer Engineer in Test II, introduces the Exchange Protocol Test Suite Architecture. The talk also includes a demo presented by Xianming Xu (Chinasoft), Test Suite Developer. This talk was part of the January 2011 Exchange RPC Protocol Documentation Plugfest and is related to the Exchange Server Open Specifications Program, which includes documents that are available on MSDN.



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The Discussion

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    Sorry but he is in-comprehensible. This would have been an awesome presentation with an native english speaker.

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    Simon's Friend

    This is for Simon ( and the rest of the team in china.)
    Before presentations:
    Understand who your audience are. Prepare 10 times before the real presentation.
    During presentations;
    Assume that listener is naive, explain without using acronyms, remain focussed on the overall objective of the presentation.
    Keep the listeners engaged ; you can do this by varying your tone while speaking, that makes it non monotonous. Interact with them. Be confident.
    Practice English speaking.
    It was a decent attempt ! 4/10.

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    I was at the talk, and while it was a bit difficult to follow, it was OK live. I don't think this version is as easy to follow as the live version.

    There was a follow-on talk (in the Windows part of the interop event) presented by Nick Meier that covers some of the same material. That may be a useful adjunct.

    That said, none of this is a substitute for being hands-on and working on the real test suites and having the test suite developers (i.e. the whole team) in your office working on the issues. That was a great experience!

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