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    Just finished watching the first five videos in this series and I'm really loving it. Rey and Chris have a great dynamic and really bring the data out well.

    I'm also digging the focus on modern browser capabilities, as well as the many tools and services available to web developers today to greatly reduce the sanity-decay that so many experience when trying to wrangle the web.

    It's incredible how much information you guys have been able to cover in these few short videos. Looking forward to whatever Andy Gammuto decides to upload next Wink Keep up the good work!

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    Thanks for this deliciously informative video!

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    Christian Heilmann

    Thanks so much! The slide decks and the demo code of this session are available on GitHub - - as explained in this post on my blog;

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    Wonderful Series for the Web Developers, links provided in this session are very informative !!

    Expecting more this kind of sessions which increases the understanding of modern open web standards.

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    Patrick H Lauke

    Great series. Just a tiny nitpick around 20:00 - not sure when these videos were shot, but Opera was actually the first browser to have getUserMedia support on mobile and desktop in a stable (non-beta, non-nightly) version, iirc.

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    Wow! This video is really very informative for us as we get good knowledge about web development.

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    Like this discussion. 

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