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Microsoft's Rey Bango and Mozilla's Christian Heilmann come together on Miami's South Beach to share their thoughts on modern browsers and offer tips on tools, techniques, and standards-based web development. This short video kicks off the series.





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The Discussion

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    So excited to get started on this series. Glad to see two fantastic vendors coming together for the united goal of making a better web. Nice work!

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    Silverlight player????????????????????????????????????

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    The default is Silverlight but if you don't have a plugin installed, it will render in HTML5 video. You can also click on the "format" button below the video to explicitly choose the format you like.

    Christian himself tested it in Firefox and had no issues.


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    Hm, pretty hypocrit, it seems. Talking Standards, but then using a Silverlight player. (yeah, fallback HTML5, meh, _FALLBACK_ )

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    @Spoonfood: It's a seemless fallback, which results in no problems for anybody. There isn't anything wrong with using proprietary non-standard technologies, so long as you make provisions for those users in non-supported browsers/environments, which is what C9 has done here.

    See the video with Rey and Chris on graceful degradation Wink

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    Seamless fallback is nice, i do agree on this point. It is the order that seems backwards to me.
    Silverlight -> HTML5

    should be

    HTML5 -> Silverlight

    an a more "meta" level, having html5 as the primary and non-standart stuff as secondary/tertiary advertises html5 more on html5 capable browsers.
    However, the current setup dictates Silverlight usage even on html5 capable browser if they have silverlight installed. They will never arrive at the "fallback".

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    EDIT: .... thus it would artificially increase Silverlight usage numbers.

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    @spoonfood: Site dev here... thought I'd reply to explain a few things. So, first off... Rey/Chris have nothing to do with how we choose to implement our video player, but having said that I don't think we are doing anything wrong here. We have access to an adaptive streaming version of these videos, which is a technology that is not yet standardized across HTML 5 implementations, so by giving Silverlight to those that have it installed we don't force anyone to install anything, but if they already have it they get a better experience in the Silverlight plug-in. If the experience was equal we would likely start with HTML 5 and fallback on non HTML 5 browsers.

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    Schalk Neethling

    Awesome stuff guys, really glad to see developers across vendors teaming up and openly speaking about open standards. This is the way things should have always been. Giddy up ;))

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    alternatively, silverlight could become an open standard, too. B)
    open up the sources, specify everything, share code with moonlight where appropriate:
    everybody wins to the greatest extend possible.

    ok, i'll shut up and watch the videos now. :P

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    Its just too bad the HTML5 video quality sucks and theres skips in audio compared to the Silverlight one...

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    It's great to see Microsoft getting along with Apple, Mozilla and other competitors in that industry, and losing their "We have to win, others have to lose" attitude.

    By the way, the videos work perfectly fine with Opera 12.01 on Ubuntu Linux.

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