3. Saved Games in Azure

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In this third episode of Gaming Services on Azure, we dive into the how to persist game state on the server side of your game.

There are many reasons why a game or a game developer wants to persist game state to the server side: Cloud Save, Continue on Other Devices/Platforms, etc. But how do you do it and which Azure services should you pick and when? In this episode Kristofer will go through two scenarios for Saved Games, answering the following questions and showcasing a demo: what are the requirements, what points should one watch out for, which Azure services are suitable and what does the conceptual architecture look like?

[00:13] What is Saved Games?

[01:07] What Azure services to consider

[02:43] Scenario 1: Implementing cloud save games

[06:25] Scenario 1: Demo

[12:49] Scenario 2: Game state to be saved in JSON

[15:44] Scenario 2: Demo

[20:47] Wrap up

Project Nether

Nether is a project composed of reusable set of building blocks, projects, services and best practices designed for Gaming workloads powered by Microsoft Azure, aimed to be beneficial for many type of game developers seeking inspiration or a fully implemented solution.

Azure for Gaming: http://azure.com/gaming


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