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There is a huge trend for games to go towards a "Free to Play Model" where game revenue has to come from sources other than the traditional sale cost of the game. To understand and react to how the end users play your game is crucial in order to keep and attract new users in a world of constantly growing market. "Connected and Serviced Games" are proven to attract players for longer times and have them return once new content is available. But how do you know what content to add or what features your customers like or even dislike?

There are many options out there for out-of-the-box game analytics services, but sometimes you need to tightly integrate analytics directly into the core of your game in order to react automatically to trends or to provide a better experience for the gamer by providing recommendations and/or hints depending on the players style.

In this session Olivia will talk us through some of the different analytics services available to you in Microsoft Azure.


[00:35] What is Game Analytics?

[04:37] What are typical KPIs for Game Analytics?

[06:36] Definitions

[12:04] What does it look like in Azure?

[28:32] Demo

[34:54] Nether

[35:35] Wrap up


Further information:

Cortana Intelligence Suite

Azure Event Hubs

Azure Stream Analytics

Azure HDInsight

Azure Machine Learning

Azure Data Factory

Power BI


Project Nether

Nether is a project composed of reusable set of building blocks, projects, services and best practices designed for Gaming workloads powered by Microsoft Azure, aimed to be beneficial for many type of game developers seeking inspiration or a fully implemented solution.


Azure for Gaming: http://azure.com/gaming


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