Getting Started with PowerShell 3.0: (01) Don't fear the shell

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This modules provides an overview on the purpose of PowerShell. How to install it, manage it and customize it. Get familiar with the shell.

  • [06:41] - Don't fear the shell
  • [23:00] - Getting familiar with the shell

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The Discussion

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    The MVA voucher 'PowerJump' is invalid.


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    Just curious.

    If we can do all the stuff we normally would do in a Command Prompt in PowerShell 3. Why not just have PS3 replace cmd.exe ?

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    Excellent content and very funny to watch.

    A fantastic introduction into PowerShell and so well presented, loving it!

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    Hey it actually works, and it eliminates the fear and comfortableness.
    thanks guys!

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    I also get that the voucher is invalid. :(

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    these two guys are hilarious!!!!:D

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    Before I get too deep into PowerShell, can it be made to give me a list of file properties for jpg files like Title, Comments, image size, etc.?

    I'd like a clue that I'm searching for a tool in the right place.

    I'm using Windows 10 and PowerShell 4


    PS: The intro was interesting enough to get me to ask the question.


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    Is a transcript available of this presentation?
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    Will I get a certificate on completion of this course?
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    I am just starting out in IT and am about to complete a simple certificate to get into the IT field. I have never even heard of PowerShell until my last class. You guys are going through things so well. I do not understand everything because I do not have that extensive of a background but its enough that even the simple user can grasp. Thank you for taking the time and doing this video, I have searched and searched to find something that was simple and easy to understand and so far your video is the only one that hasn't made me feel like I am trying to learn Alien.

    Thank you.


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