CSS3 Box Properties - 16

Play CSS3 Box Properties - 16
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This lesson makes the important distinction between inline-display and block-display in HTML5 elements. For block-style elements, it is vital to understand the box model and this lesson provides that background as well as an overview of the CSS3 properties for properly styling block-style elements.

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The Discussion

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    Great tutorial and perfect explanation. Best regards. 

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    @ErikNieuwenhuis: Thanks Erik!  Warm regards to you, too.

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    Thanks for the tutorials, Bob. Just started going through it.
    By the way, can you post a tutorial to tableless layout design? Or is there already?

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    I address that specifically in the very last video, talking about Responsive web design.  I think your best bet is to try Twitter's Bootstrap CSS library ... see that final video in this series for more details.  Best wishes!

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    Really Really , Thank you

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    Todd Harris

    I really appreciate this series, thanks! I also very much like the binary clock!

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    @Sarah: @Todd Harris: Thanks!  I ask my kids' friends if they can figure out how it works ... they stare at it for a while ... it's a good way for me to introduce the magic of computers to them in terms they can understand.

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    Mahdi Mollaeian

    Thanks Dear Bob.

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    Hi, sorry, I know this was put out like 5 years ago, but, just wondering, with regards to Example 14, setting the width of the outline to 10px does not increase the overall dimension of the box or block? I'm confused by this because intuitively it seems like it would. Thanks.

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