CSS3 Color and Background Properties - 14

Play CSS3 Color and Background Properties - 14
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You can easily modify the colors and backgrounds of various HTML5 elements using CSS3 and this lesson demonstrates how, starting with the various ways you can define a color in CSS and expanding to how to set background images with alignment, tiling, and more.


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The Discussion

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    Which reference did you build these cheatsheets from? I definitely want to do it, but I definitely DON'T want to do it wrong.


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    @Max: Hi Max, I don't have (and can't remember) specific cheat sheets online.  I know that is an unsatisfying answer ... I would make sure that the cheat has a comments area associated with it where people can comment on the accuracy of the cheats, and then you see a change log where those changes are addressed.  Hope that helps a little!

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    Check out http://w3schools.com, I use this all the time for reference. Most people who have been doing web development for sometime hate this resource but I find it very useful from time to time.

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    yes the w3 schools IS a great resource for learning and practicing, bob i am here because of you, i have been always thinking that html and css and programming is not mine, but now i am reading books about html and trying new tags and attributes from World Wide Web Consortium, i just want to say thank you, you are my hero.

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