CSS3 List and Table Properties - 15

Play CSS3 List and Table Properties - 15

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    Great series so far

    With the tables, you could have demonstrated the first column and first row highlighting using

    tr td:first-child



    Then you wouldn't have needed the IDs to attach the styles.


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    I downloaded the HQ WMV file. The soundtrack and screenshot were "out-of-sync" by I guess half a minute or so.  The windows on screen had very little to do with what Bob describes.

    Otherwise a great series! I did a lot of Dynamic HTML 4 back in '98 - '01 so I really enjoyed this semantics focused run through HTML5 and CSS3 -- THX!

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    One of your examples shows a CSS style border-collapse:seperate;

    There is a typo in here. It should be spelled border-collapse:separate;

    The net result is the same since border-collapse:separate is the default and the misspelled value seperate will fall back to the default value separate.

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    @slaneyrw: thank you.  Yes, there are many ways to skin this cat.  Thank you for adding that one!

    @MicKr: Sorry for that issue ... I'll call attention to the powers-that-be at Microsoft to see if others experience the same difficulty.

    @candritzky: Thank you ... that is a common misspelling ... I even have a macro on my main computer that re-spells it correctly.  Muscle memory defaulted to my typical (incorrect) spelling.  Thank you for explaining what happens when you misspell a value (i.e., the default).

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    I love !!! Great series . also the javascript series .
    The interactive lessons are much easier to follow .
    and the explanations are clear .
    Keep on !

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    Eric CryptoTrader

    Very good video! I like it!

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