Creating Tables - 09

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The oft-maligned table still has a semantic purpose in HTML5: to display tabular information. This lesson demonstrates the many different ways to structure tabular data in HTML5, including headers, rows, columns, footers, column groups, and more.

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The Discussion

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    Great Work Bob, What is the next class after Javascript?

    This is great that Microsoft is allowing you to do this, even if it is their secret way to get more people to make apps for Windows 8. Wink


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    Great series Bob!

    Why didn't you use <tr>'s on the <thead> section? I believe they are required there too.

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    @Pablo: Thanks!  You are correct.  I simply forgot to type it when recording.  Sad  Nice catch.

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    Thanks for this great series.

    Good to hear you say 'this doesnt mean you shouldnt use tables' - Tables are for tabular data after all!

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    Ruud Kuin

    Hello Bob;

    Thanks for mentioning the fact that 'responsive' design is also being covered or a topic on this series...

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    bob you are the best on all that,i have learned a lot with you including my english skill, you have a great voice, you should have teaching english too. att Jasiel Gonzalez from Dominican Republic.

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    Nice course - thanks. Useful too, to see how to properly use html 5 features after having used html 4 for ages. One question: how come I don't get credit for having taken this module (yes, I am logged in). To make sure, I sat once more through this module. What can I do to get credit for all the courses I have taken?

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    @pmossel: We are the video host for MVA, but we aren't the same site, so if you want credit or any of the other features/concepts that they've implemented, you need to go through the course over on their site.

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