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Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page - 02

35 minutes, 14 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

Warm up your keyboard and get ready to work. In this lesson—an important foundation for the series as a whole—you'll be fully immersed in what it takes to build an HTML5 web page, including the utilization of HTML5 structural elements in a real scenario.

Download the source code for Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page


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  • Mahmud ChowdhuryMahmud Chowdhury

    WoW this video tutorial is really good. I have learnt so much and it was easy to understand.

  • Good! Thanks Smiley

  • I'm new to Channel9 but am happy I found it.  I am using a mac, dreamweaver and Safari.  Hoping that will work just as well or close to learn the basics.  

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @rickyfarmer: this is platform agnostic material.  Smiley

  • @AbolfazlQazaqi: Could you elaborate?

    @Mahmud Chowdhury: Very cool!  Best wishes!

  • DerekDerek

    A bit too long for me, it was getting a little tedious near the end but a good beginner tutorial none the less. Keep it up

  • Stephanie HughesStephanie Hughes

    I am so happy to be here. I am a student Graphic and Web design and this is excellent. Thanks.

    Stephanie Hughes

  • Stephanie HughesStephanie Hughes

    I will be flying international in a few days and would like to complete this entire course whilst i am away and on the plane. Anyway i can download all modules, rather than one at a time?



  • I used to learn C# during the early days  and Bob Tabor's videos were very handy.

  • Hey Bob i think you made a mistake. You forgot to close the "headline" in the first article.

    <h1>Background Every Web Developer Needs to Know<h1>


    edit: sorry i just watched the next lesson Wink

  • Dean BushDean Bush

    Thank you, Bob, for your online instruction! I intend to go through the entire series. I feel empowered already!

  • @Stephanie Hughes: Awesome!  Hope these help.  To answer your other question ... no, I don't believe you can download them all in one "package" (i.e., one zipped file, etc.).  Sorry!

    @sqltriad: Very cool ... glad to help!

    @azeem:  Smiley  Thanks for the edit.  Glad you're paying attention!!!  Big Smile

    @Dean Bush: Nice.  Keep up the good work!

  • Manish ChhetiaManish Chhetia

    HTML 5 tutorial is really good; covered all basics with nice details.

  • alan whtifieldalan whtifield

    Fantastic video! Watched and followed, finished around five mins ago and am pretty excited about seeing the next! Thanks for making!!


  • VrushaliVrushali

    Hello Bob,
    I watched 1st and 2nd tutorial HTML5,its awesome,i learn so much new things i'll watch html5 and js full session in upcoming days.nice to see you,it was easy to understand.I have one question that is html5 functions run properly on IE 9 or later version,what about the reaction for other browser(firefox,GoogleCrome etc...).

    Thank you

  • @Vrushali: I think you could use just about everything we do here in any CURRENT VERSION browser vendor.  There may be a small exception or two (particularly around Forms later in this lesson ... but I honestly don't know where the prickly bits are) ... the best thing to do ... TEST in every target browser (they're free!) before you release your website publicly. Best wishes!

  • @Manish Chhetia: Thank you!

    @alan whtifield:  Glad you're excited.  This is fun stuff!  Just take consistent baby steps and you'll be ahead of me in no time.  Good luck!

  • Great tutorial. Thanks for your work. 

  • Alex WeishaeuplAlex Weishaeupl

    Hello Bob,

    do you know where i can find the file "lesson2.zip"?
    I can't find it on the channel9 website :-(

    Thank you for these great videos..

    Best wishes

  • @Alex Weishaeupl: Under the video description paragraph at the top of this page you'll see the text: "Download the source code for Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page".  Hope that helps!

  • Ryan WhiteRyan White

    I hope to see a similar series for Windows 8 C# programming one day, as I've seen from your other series. They have always been so clear, and helpful.

    Everywhere else I try, I get lost in 12 seconds. I'm been nothing but please at the results I have from here!

  • EzwardEzward

    Bob, Thanks for creating this series. I have been looking for a well crafted tutorial on HTML/CSS and Javascript for my daughter and this and your Javascript series look to be perfect. Thanks again.

  • @Ryan White: Thank you for the vote of confidence!  Glad my style works for you.  Best wishes!

    @Ezward: Good luck to you and her both!

  • scottandrusscottandrus

    Hi, Bob!

    I'm a student with a reasonably strong foundation in traditional development (C++, Objective-C for iOS, C#, and JavaScript) as well as graphic design, but I would like to branch out into creating websites and learning web markup, which I have very little experience with. Would this series be a good fit? Thanks again for all of your efforts.

  • Bob, I love your tutorials, You are doing a great thing by teaching this.

    I just have a question about the differences in video playback. I want to know why if I pause the video, it doesn't start up again if I move back a little.  I have noticed this on several videos on channel 9, and I wonder if this is a limitation of html5 or Silverlight maybe.?

    Sometimes it works but most of the time if you move around in the video you will have to start over again to get back to where you were.  I have learned that if I pause the video, I may not be able to get it going again.

    edit.. sorry, I wasnt using Internet Explorer, It works in IE.  it was not resuming when i had the format set to auto - now I have opened it in html5 in IE and I can pause and move around.


  • rgbrgb


    <h1>How Web Browsers Parse HTML</li>


  • Hey! Bob

    I am a newbie in channel 9 but i found your videoes are clear and very elborated in nature.I am really impressed with your active learner concept.

    Thank You

    Can you tell me how can i put a logo in our title and no internet explore logo?


  • rgbrgb

    Very sorry! Before I publish the comment, I hadn't watched whole movies. Great video!

  • @scottandrus: I tried to incorporate the latest thinking in HTML5 and CSS3 in this series.  In some ways, HTML5 is a departure (or, perhaps, it embraces the original intent) of emphasizing semantics over design . . . if you watch this series, you'll hear me hammer that point home ad nauseam.  In that respect, I think it will get you thinking in the right direction.  I'll also cover new trends (responsive web design, mobile first design), modern CSS frameworks and the like before it's all over.  So, yes, I am confident that by the end of the series you'll have a solid understanding of the entire landscape of HTML5 / CSS3 development for web and Windows 8 apps.  Good luck!!!

    @FutureCoder:  Cool ... make sure you give that feedback experience to Channel 9 directly ... I'm not part of Microsoft or Channel9 per se, just a "hired gun".  Use the Feedback link in the footer regarding your challenges about playback experiences ... they would want to know this.  They may not solve it over night, but I'm sure they'll address it in the next rev of the site's design.  Glad you're enjoying the series!

    @rgb: No worries, mate!  Smiley  It's hard to type in Notepad!

    @SagarRout:  You want a favicon.  See:


  • kindly tell me bob where are the file name "lesson 2"

    send me the link plzzzzzz

  • Is NotePad++ ok to use instead of the regular notepad? Someone had suggested that program to me.

    +1 on all the "Thanks" and "Great series" comments

    EDIT: Just kidding. I just got to the part where you have files already laid out for us. It would be easier just to use those and the basic Notepad (for future viewers with the same question).

  • @UzairBadarDownload the source code for Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page

    @BENss: You can use whatever you want.  That's why we used Notepad ... it's vanilla, so add your own particular flavors.  Big Smile

  • BaoYuguangBaoYuguang

    very good!

  • DrenushaDrenusha

    Hello. I have seen the introduction and this is just what I need, but I am not sure if I can follow the tutorial on Mac too?

  • RafetRafet

    Why is my html displayed in google chrome (or in explorer too) with he code? :-(

  • @Drenusha: Yes, just use TextEdit (already installed) or go to the App Store and use TextWrangler ... free.

    @Rafet: You may have saved it (inadvertantly) as .html.txt ... please watch that part where I talk about being careful when saving the file ... change from .txt to All Files *.* in the Save As dialog.  Hope that helps!

  • this is so good...


  • ElvisElvis

    pls can any body help me with a link where i can download adobe dreamweaver full video tutorials, i will be very grateful thanks...

  • Mark MahatheyMark Mahathey

    I will be watching all the videos

  • @BobTabor: I'll also cover new trends (responsive web design, mobile first design), modern CSS frameworks and the like before it's all over.

    I can't wait to get to those parts! Excellent tutorials - I've had to learn web programming/design by reading books and online reference the past couple of years, but this is undoubtedly the better approach. May I suggest to young/new learners - obey every small piece of advice in these videos!

    I'll dive into those C# tutorials recommended in two reader's comments above absolutely. I haven't felt like investing the time in learning it yet, but I'm confident it'll be a lot easier, if not more enjoyable this way. Where can they be found?

    I only regret these weren't available earlier. I can see most websites poorly optimized/designed, so I intend to become a better website developer. This is the best start possible. For free!

  • MohamedMohamed

    Good Stuff Bob Taybor! Your tutorials were so helpful.
    I followed your Microsoft Visual C# series, and today im a junior programmer.

  • SergeySergey

    The best lesson I've ever seen and very good series!
    Great thanks from Russia))

  • A typo in the text file Before.txt, in "One Final Note About Our Overview" Section :

    "fie paragraphs" . Ithink it was meant to be "five paragraphs"

  • EvgeniyEvgeniy

    Hello, Bob!
    How is better to use <br> for applying new line in your example's [figure] tag?
    1)<img src="http-message.gif" alt="A diagram...">
    <figcaprion>Figure 1. The HTTP Request...</figcaprion>

    2)<img src="http-message.gif" alt="A diagram...">
    <figcaprion><br>Figure 1. The HTTP Request...</figcaprion>

  • TylerTyler

    I took the C# course before this. I remember my dad trying to get into learning html when I was younger. I don't remember it being this labor-intensive though! (although this was back when windows 98 was "the latest and greatest")
    Is there an IDE for html?

  • Himanshu BanswalHimanshu Banswal

    Hi,Bob Taybor i have seen your all videos, all were very good and very helpful for every designer and developer.

    And i'would like to say thanks to Channel 9 who give us a good plate farm to learn..:-)

  • This is great.  Thank you very much for taking the time!  I am planning on taking the 70-480, and this series is perfect.

  • eebrinkereebrinker

    dude .... get to the point. zip it along. understand you are on a video. if someone needs to stop or replay, they can. but can't jedi-mind trick you into speeding it up. took 15 minutes to find out you're doing a beginner's lesson. and the only thing even your beginners got to learn in that timeframe was that a tag has brackets!

  • @eebrinker: My friend, you may have missed the parts of title that intimated the intent of the series ... "Fundamentals", "Absolute Beginner", "Creating Your FIRST HTML5 Web Page" ... sorry you were misled.  I tried to explain in the first video of this series that this was intended for beginners, that there would be better ways for experienced developer to spend their time.

    @Yabood: @Himanshu Banswal: @SergeyMadMohamedMadbitooleanMadfungale: Glad the videos were helpful!

    @Tyler: re: IDE ... PLENTY.  Search for: Web Matrix or Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web.  There are lots of non-Microsoft ones available, too.

    @Evgeniy: Remember the semantic intent of the <br> ... if you're using it because the content (like a mainling address) benefits from the custom of putting line breaks in it, then a <br> is appropriate.  It's probably less appropriate for using it to STYLE your pages.  However, no one is going to fault you (ok, at least, I won't fault you) for doing this so that your page looks right.  But I would encourage you to use CSS for styling.

  • I really need this series for my partners Big Smile

  • DaveDave

    Thank you Sir for making these videos! I guess im and old Guy taking up coding at 37 but totally love making web pages from scratch. I've been working in Wordpress for a couple of years using all ready made themes so this is new ground :). Parallel to this I'm teaching myself the CMS umbraco, maybe you use it?


  • @Dave: Never too late as far as I'm concerned.  Smiley  I'm familiar with that product only by name, but have never used it.  Good luck!

  • TanayTanay

    Bob,what is the difference between the <br> and <p> tags?

  • Duncan MackenzieDuncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"

    @Tanay: I'm not Bob, but here you go... the <br> or <br /> tag is a line break, which just breaks the content onto a new line. This tag doesn't go around any content, it sits in the middle of your other content. <p> is a more descriptive tag that wraps around a block of text that you wish to appear as a single paragraph of text. You can put an id attribute, a class attribute or whatever else you need on <p>, but you can't put anything on a <br>.

    From Wikipedia: "The difference between <br /> and <p> is that 'br' breaks a line without altering the semantic structure of the page, whereas 'p' sections the page into paragraphs. Note also that 'br' is an empty element in that, while it may have attributes, it can take no content and it may not have an end tag."

  • AyeshaAyesha

    I find the tutorials really very useful. And i get the idea its no biggie at all, and for once i am liking programming . So, thanx for that.
    I want to ask that the place where the image is inserted, it doesn't open up in my internet explorer. Instead, everytime its giving the alternate message with a cross on the picture. I dont know how? Tried different images too, but still it won't go away. ? It's getting me confused.

  • @Ayesha: Hi Ayesha, the problem is easy to correct.  The web browser cannot find the image in the location you specified.  Perhaps the file name is incorrect, or the folder name or location is incorrect.  I believe I cover the topics of specifying "relative paths" for the "src" attribute of the <img /> element ... make sure you understand the topics of "relative paths", even seek out a good HTML reference / cheat cheat (use Bing.com).  Hope that helps!

  • AyeshaAyesha

    Thank you bob. Thanx a lot.

  • Re3dRe3d

    Awesome vids!
    You are great, bob!

  • joshjosh

    Hi bob, great video.

    I need to know why the Font Size for h1 is smaller than h2 ??

    <h1>Background Every Web Developer Needs to Know</h1>


  • @josh: Hi josh, it's been a while since I recorded this so I can remember specifically what's going on, but it's either:

    (1) A result of a CSS style specifically on the h1 and/or h2 elements

    (2) A result of a CSS style that encloses, and therefore impacts the h1 and/or h2

    (3) A style specifically on your browser.

    If you could point me to an exact time marker in the video, I could get closer to the right answer.  Thanks ... Hope that helps.  AND I would say just hang in there ... all should be explained before the end of the series.  Smiley

  • Thank you for this great video! can't wait to the next one! Good work, well done  Wink

  • joshjosh

    Thanks for the replied.

    Its at 24:01 of the video, notice that the header for:
    "Background Every Web Developer Needs to Know" ---- <h1>
    "Introduction" ---- <h2>

    I thought h1 font size should be larger than h2.
    Is this will be explained later?

  • Adrian GurnettAdrian Gurnett

    Good videos Bob .. random question: what is the fancy looking black gadget behind you that flickers with the dots? (binary clock of some sort?)

  • @josh: Yes, I'm pretty sure I'll explain it, or at the very least, how to take control of the size yourself with CSS3.

    @Adrian Gurnett: Yes, it is a binary clock.  Here's a challenge ... Can you figure out what time I started recording the video?  Wink

  • Chris HugoChris Hugo

    Can't make these play with Windows 8 and the latest version of Chrome. Gets the first few seconds and then stops. Have selected HTML5 as format

  • @Chris Hugo: That's probably great feedback for the Channel9 team to hear.  Unfortunately, they probably don't monitor these comments as closely as I do -- I can only help with technical / HTML5 / CSS3 challenges you face while working through the examples.

    However, you may want to try right-clicking on the MP4 (or other version) of the file, selecting Save As ... from the context menu, and saving to your desktop or desired folder, then watching from there.  They will be HD 1280x720, crystal clear.

  • That's what I did.  Thanks!  Great video.  It's very easy to understand.  Can't wait to get through the rest of them.

  • God ever bless you Bob for this new Year.

    Thanks a lot cause your lessons have made me a way to this technologies

  • Hi.............

    First time I understand the basics of HTML5.I also watch the HTML5 basics from other tutorials (like lynda.com etc).But from this tutorial I understand correctly.I like to THANKS Sir BOB TABOR on this fantastic and great training.

    Thanks once again.........

  • @Mbonga: @Fawaz: Glad the videos help.  Have a great 2013!

  • Adrian GurnettAdrian Gurnett

    I will hazard a guess @ 14:16:22 :)

  • RajeshRajesh


    Hai BOB i know little bit about html5..But i dont how to use...From this tutorial I understand correctly BOB..

  • zbutlerzbutler

    Hi Bob and great video. I am understanding quite well the formation of a document but for some reason my images did not display. I have the latest versions of IE and Chrome but for some reason they wouldn't display even though my coding is the same as yours (from what I can see) Any suggestions on what the problem is?

  • @zbutler: Let's start here ... Can you download the code associated with this video and verify that it DOES work on your computer?  If you tell me "Yes, it does", then there must be *something* different about your HTML/CSS and my HTML/CSS ... we would just have to comb through each line of code and look closely to find the difference.  I suspect that your images are not displaying because of the path in the src attribute of the img element ... it's not pointing to the correct file name ... make sure the file extension is correct ... that always gets me!

  • Thanks Bob. This is an excellent html course for beginners. Even though I have taken other html classes, I intent to complete your html, java script, and c# classes, so I get a better understanding of those languages. Thanks again, and Keep up the good work.



  • MahadevMahadev

    Thanks. Very helpful for beginners …

  • Romel FaustoRomel Fausto

    Easy to understand tutorials. I hope there will be more tutorials like this in different topics. Thanks a lot.

  • nConCo

    Are you the greatest person who ever lived? Smiley Thank you very much for tutorials! I am total beginner in this! Because of you, I enjoy working in HTML5! You are good man! Smiley I hope one day I will learn that much so you can be proud of your student... Smiley Best wishes from Serbia!

  • @Pincho: @Mahadev: @Romel Fausto: @nCo: Thank you, all.

  • danieldaniel

    hi bob, just like to say thanks for the videos. i followed the video carefully. and yet when i run the code, the bottom nav section wont appear as hyper links. i downloaded the lesson 3 code and that runs with it as links and flipping between the two i cant see any difference at all. any idea why this could be?


  • @daniel: Honestly, you're probably missing something small.  If you send me the files I'll take a quick look and see if anything pops out at me.  bob at learn visual studio dot net

  • AquawindsAquawinds

    Thank you for the tip on downloading TextWrangler! What's the difference with Coda, for example? I used to write basic HTML like ten years ago, I'm excited I can write it again! Greetings from Mexico ;)

  • @Aquawinds: I own Coda 2 as well ... it's nice, and when I'm using a mac, it's my main editor.  You get some utilities like managing entire websites as projects (instead of just loose files), you can publish from Coda 2 via FTP, you get syntax highlighting, snippets, preview and probably other features I don't use.  Smiley

  • Amit GuptaAmit Gupta

    Hi Bob,

    I am working as a UI developer... I have very good command on Html 4.0 and css 2.0.. your video tutorial is awesome.. i like it very much.your HTML5 and css3 tutorial start from baby step it's very good for beginer. Can you provide me link form learning HTML5 and CSS3.. which is very helpfull for me.

  • bobbob

    Just adding another thanks and well done. The speed of your instruction is spot on. Moves right along, so I do not get bored, and yet I need to stop once and while and rewind. I look forward to the rest of the series.


  • OakleyOakley

    I relly like these tutorials, I can't believe they are free ! ( they are free aren't they ?)
    I had no idea you could use notebook like this . I was up early this morning and right on the compter at 5:30am doing the css tut adding the font change to ariel and helvettical sans-serif but for two hours I could not for my life get the notepad to change or change the page color or anything ... I put the css folder in with the work file in the 03 folder ..saved it over and over with no success ... anybody know what Im doing wrong?

  • @Amit Gupta: I'm not sure from your question what you want.  Can you be more specific?

    @bob: Thanks!  Glad you're enjoying them!

    @Oakley: Hi, can you post some of the code?  It's going to be one of two things:  (1) syntax error in your CSS code, or (2) how you reference the CSS file from your HTML file ... file name may be wrong, folder name may be wrong or have an extra / in there, etc.

  • Olivia TormaOlivia Torma

    Hi Bob.

    Thanks for a great intro to HTML5. I've just finished following your first tutorial and found it great for beginners! I have only had a little experience with HTML from editing some code in my wordpress theme (I made a lot of mistakes along the way but eventually worked it out). Your helping me make more sense of why it's written the way it is. This will be a great help to me when I learn how to add my own artwork to the design of my site.

  • KeanuKeanu

    Great Work Bob. I have been working in the blind for the past couple of months on this. Glad I found Ch9, through Chris Pound. I followed what you did. I used notepad ++. I checked my result and got everything underlined except for whatever comes before your meta command. Any suggestions?


    Ok. I got it. I had mistyped some tags. Looking great.

  • meza of warmeza of war

    SOS i need help anyone. when i moved the navagation stuff at the top of the page the bulletin points stayed right next to the heading of the page and did not move with the navagation stuff to the right.what happened? can anyone help me!SOS

  • meza of warmeza of war

    never mind

  • @Olivia Torma: Great!  Hope you enjoy the rest of the series!

    @Keanu: Cool ... glad you figured it out!

    @meza of war: Care to share?  Was it due to mistyping?  Let me know if I can help.

  • electro44electro44

    Thanks Bob! Finding your videos made my day! Cant wait to see them all!

  • AstroAstro

    Hi Bob
    In the xhtml days, the <br> tag was always treated as evil, and that they don't have semantic meaning, and that the only time they are appropriate are in poetry or someones mailing address.

    Can you clear up when and when you shouldn't use the <br> tag?


  • @Astro: Take a look at the spec:


    It is a "line break", and they give semantic examples of what to do and NOT to do.

    Ultimately, you should be using CSS when you can to style things, so avoid using the <br> where a paragraph should go -- even if you don't want a full paragraph break ... again, use CSS for spacing in those cases.  However, some content (like addresses, poetry, etc.) need a line break because there's meaning in the break ... convention, or what have you.

    Hope that helps?

  • rana saddam hussainrana saddam hussain

    Hey Bob great work easy to learn
    can you make make videos on JavaScript
    thanks a lot

  • @rana saddam hussain: Since you asked so nicely, I created these:



  • GernotGernot

    I just finished this video and I think it's awesome. It's kinda long time ago since I used html last time so it's great to have some easy "course" to start learning it again! I really hope the next videos will be great too :)

  • NewStudentNewStudent

    Firstly,Major Kudos to you Mr Bob Tabor. Really :)

    As a new student in the IT course,im honestly terrified about the stuff i'm gonna study really. But just with the first and second Video. I'm kinda eased up and motivated to get down with the basics :)

    Not only will this help me in my module but your tutorial in C# and Java fundamental will help me throughout this year in school and might give me the starting edge.

    Major appreciation!

  • @Gernot: Thanks and hope the rest of the videos continue to benefit you.

    @NewStudent: Good luck in your courses! 

  • shaundrashaundra

    why cant i access the source code? i downloaded everything but all files in folders look like the next folder. there aren't any script files or minus-8 or data10.json files, just to name a few, like what i see on your screen.

  • shaundrashaundra

    i think i figured it out...if i have more trouble, i will let you know. thank you for this series

  • ingentingingenting

    Thank you, Bob!

  • noureddinenoureddine


  • شكرا مايكروسوفت  لكن هل بالامكان توفير برامج تعليمية بالعربية

  • EbonyEbony

    Hi, Bob, I am in love with all your lessons. I am coming back to remember how to write HTML and I thank you very much! There is not better help than this. Thanks a lot!!

  • @Ebony:Very nice, thanks for watching!

  • Thank you.

  • AlleagraAlleagra

    A natural born explicator! You engage from the start. Superb lectures and other teachers/presenters, whatever, should pay careful attention. Brilliant.

  • How do you download lesson2?

  • @isbn121: Look for the bold text "Download" right beneath the embedded video.  There are several formats to choose from.  Good luck!

  • @Alleagra: Wow, thanks for the nice compliments.  Glad you enjoyed the videos!

  • irumirum

    your lecture is super.
    God bless you.

  • Respected Sir,
    You have done a great job, i've completed C# fundamentals, windows store and have created my own app..
    Now I'd be completing JS fundamentals + this series !
    Thank you thankyou so much for creating these series ! I really respect you alot...
    and the way you explain it feels like a geeky friend of mine is teaching me via video call !

  • ediedi

    Respect to you Sir
    I've started to learn C# from your video series and it feels like I do understand what's going on, but I have a question for you: it's the right move to start with C# ? Or I should started with HTML5 and CSS, then move to JAVA and after that to C#? I'm not in any school or something, but I'll learn this no matter what. thank you for your time given to all of us

  • @irum: @MuhammadFaizan: @edi: Glad you liked the videos.  Thanks for the nice words!

    @edi: Yes, there's no proper way to view the videos, but I do think the HTML5/CSS3 needs to go before the JavaScript series.  You can view the C# videos any time.  Good luck!

  • arjunarjun

    really good and simple to learn thanq and super

  • ediedi

    Thank you Sir for the reply, I'm on the right direction now.

  • GoodCoffeeGoodCoffee

    Hi, I finished the web fundamentals section on code academy but I wanted a review from another perspective so I am watching this. I am on a Mac and using Safari and TextEdit.

    Unlike Notepad, TextEdit only gives these format options when saving a file: Rich Text Document, Rich Text Document with Attachments, Web Page (.html), Web Archive Document, OpenDocument Text (.odt) Document, Word 2007 (.docx) Document, Word 2003 (.xml) Document, and Word 97 (.doc) Document.

    I chose to save as Web Page. After I started putting in my tags, at the 15:20 mark in the video, I followed along with Bob and opened the file in Safari and I can still see ALL of the tags displayed in the browser. I went through all of the tags and I wrote them correctly, but why is Safari displaying them? I copy/pasted the file into a new TextEdit doc and saved as Rich Text Document, but Safari will not open that file.

  • GoodCoffeeGoodCoffee

    After some web searching I read that I needed to go to Format and select "Make Plain Text," so I did that. However, I am still having the issue where even as a plain text.txt file I still see all the tags displayed in the browser. I just wanted to update my trouble shooting before it gets mentioned.


  • GoodCoffeeGoodCoffee

    Woo hoo! I figured it out. After converting the file to plaintext I needed to manually give the file a .html suffix. Now it works!

  • Jose FairJose Fair

    I thank you for this tutorial to a huge lack me to stay current in the web design and learn from a good instructor, files perfect for understanding the semantics of HTML5
    Thanks Mr. Bob Tabor

    Le agradezco por este tutorial me hacia una falta enorme para estar actualizado en el diseño web y aprender de un buen instructor, perfecto los archivos para enteder la semantica del HTML5
    Gracias Señor Bob Tabor

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    Wow, thanks for the nice tutorial.

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  • @GoodCoffee: A couple of things.  First, I use a Mac too.  I would recommend using TextWranger, it's a free text editor, it doesn't hide things, and you can get it from the App Store.

    Second, I think the problem you're running into is that, even though you think the file extension is .html, I think in fact it is .txt and therefore it's not treating that file as an HTML file to be interpreted.  Select the file, hit command-i on the file, in the Information panel, expand the section called "Name & Extension" ... go to the very right-hand side of the text field ... if it ends with .txt (or anything that doesn't end with .html) you have your answer.  Also, you may want to uncheck the Hide extension option.

    Edit ... didn't see your later posts.  Sorry ... looks like you figured it out.  Smiley


    @Jose Fair: @monjurulhoque: @ali jamshidi far: Thank you for the nice comments.

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    Just found these videos thank you so much. Very useful! Smiley

  • can anyone link lhe file lesson02.zip pls 

  • nice intro and easy to remember. makes a difference when actually working through a real document.


  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @sijercicamar: link is at the bottom of the description of the video, says 'Download the source code' Smiley

  • attiq khanattiq khan

    @sijercicamar: http://media.ch9.ms/ch9/code/C9HTML_02_Code.zip

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    Hi Bob, i can't find the lesson2.zip file . how can i get it?.Thanks

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @mahjeed: the link is in the description of the video mahjeed.  "Download the source code for Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page"  or the always wonderful non-href version:  http://media.ch9.ms/ch9/code/C9HTML_02_Code.zip

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    I'm hard hearing, so where there are closed captions for video??

  • @yaniv: (I don't work for Microsoft, but ...) I believe Channel9 is working on it, but it's a huge job.  Hang in there ...

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    Unable to find the lesson 2 download link

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"
    @Roshan Daruka: the link is in the description of the video mahjeed. "Download the source code for Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page" or the always wonderful non-href version: http://media.ch9.ms/ch9/code/C9HTML_02_Code.zip

    Thanks for the video and zip file.  This is useful and accurate information.  Thanks Bob!

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    I have 2 things to say:

    1: I've used the exact same steps as you ordered in your video. But when I open my webbrowser (Google Chrome), my whole page is 'clickable'. Everything is underlined, and when I click on it, my page goes to the top. How is that possible? (Also I used Notepad++ for more structure)

  • @Marc: Hi Marc, please do this for the sake of debugging ... download the files that accompany this lesson:


    ... unzip, and then open up my version of the html file.  Does it exhibit the same behavior?  If so, then I made a mistake in my video and I can look at it more closely.  If it DOESN'T exhibit the same behavior, then you have some small issue in your code.  That is a good place to start ... let me know what you find out.  Good luck!

  • MarcMarc

    Nevermind, I already found it. Forgot one > in the nav section. I forgot to close the <a> and that's how it all became clickable.


    Hi Bob, I really love your tutorials. As you said in this tutorial that we must buy any book to learn all those tags. Can you please tell me name and writer name of any book which is best for learning html5 and css3 ? I shall be grateful to you...

  • @DNS: Check out the very last video in this series where I give some suggestions.  Good luck!

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    where can i download the zip file of lesson 02??

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"
    @amar: the link is in the description of the video. "Download the source code for Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page" or the always wonderful non-href version: http://media.ch9.ms/ch9/code/C9HTML_02_Code.zip
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    should i use adobe dreamweaver for easy?

  • hi Bob Tabor!
    thanks for sharing videos!
    should i use adobe dreamweaver for easy?

  • @Atif Jameel: & @atif12: If you want to follow along, feel free to use whatever you are currently licensed to use.  As a long time Adobe user, I've always been baffled by Dreamweaver personally.  But I'm probably not the target audience.  Good luck!

  • This is just awesome, Bob you did it again!

    I had just finished the C# fundamentals, and loved it. These first videos seems to be so nice and enjoyable as the other series.

    Thanks for another great series! Can barely wait to finish this one and keep going for the Javascript.

  • @LFurtado: Hi, thanks for the compliments.  Glad to hear the videos are helping!

  • Ronald ClaytonRonald Clayton

    I thought this introduction to html5 was very informative and I hope to carry on to the very end, 20 in sight but still a long way off.

    I would like to see a set of tutorials that not only give instructions into html but also including java and a few other disciplines leading to being able to create a interactive e website.

    I hope to follow on and do your Java tutorials but it all seems so mind boggling right now.

    I have enjoyed devling into studying and learning new things at my age of being 65 years young and being able to produce my own marketing material by using Adobe Photoshop and one or two of there other packages has been an eye opener. Never though IT would hit these dizzie hight.

    I would like to say well done to Bob for producing a very lucid set of superb tutorials even if at times I found some of it hard to understand.

    Cheers and I look forward to viewing doing some of your other tuts.

    Ronald Clayton.
    Ron the Jeweller.

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @Ronald Clayton: We have very targeted absolute beginner series to cover just the topic at hand rather than mixing everything together.  This means we have a HTML5/CSS series, a JavaScript series and we even have a c# series for absolute beginners.  The base fundamental series to teach you the base concepts. 

    To teach backend stuff like ASP.NET and Azure, channel9 and Microsoft Virtual Academy has a lot of additional series to do just this.

  • if @BobTabor is not the best teacher in the world ever... then i dunno who it is. This is just great, plain and simple.

  • i cant find this lesson02 file , where can i download it plzzz help me 

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @valmir100:the link is in the description of the video mahjeed. "Download the source code for Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page" or the always wonderful non-href version: http://media.ch9.ms/ch9/code/C9HTML_02_Code.zip

  • @PEDR0MEJI4: I think you're being WAY too kind with your comments, but I'll take it.  Smiley  Thank you and good luck as you push forward in this series!

  • Oscar SalgadoOscar Salgado

    Hola Bob,
    I just wish to briefly concur what many of the folk here have been saying. I'm under a mandate here at work to learn HTML/CSS and eventually XML. I've been taking some lynda.com courses for good solid background.

    However your course is AWESOME as it ties everything I've already gone over in other venues and goes quickly. The structure of your course was pretty much exactly what I needed at this step in my development process.

    Thanks very much. GREAT JOB!

    I'm going on to your next lesson. :-)


  • @Oscar Salgado: Thanks for the nice note Oscar!  Glad this is helping it all click for you.  Warm regards, Bob

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    <!DOCTYPE html>

    <h1>Thanks Bob Tabor</h1>

    <p>Thank you Bob. You are a really good teacher, I tried to learn html before and It worked. But you really helped me understand why you do everything you do. Your Vid is really helpful.</p>

  • @Eric Hughes: Thanks Eric!

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    I'm trying to do a career shift into IT/IS. I am so glad that I found this tutorials. I'm only a couple of videos in, but I find it very helpful.

    I've got a small problem while I was following along. In my code, it seems the images are not coming up. I downloaded the files to go along with the video. What kind of troubleshooting can I do to figure out why the images aren't coming up?


  • @TTRoars: May I see your code?  I'll try to help.  Also, where are your files?  HTML + images in the same folder?  Different folders?  On the desktop of your computer?  As much info as possible will help.

  • rajendra dubeyrajendra dubey

    sir you have u used several tag like <header> ,<nav>, <section>, <article> , <figure> etc etc..
    do these tags are pre defined, or they are self created for your convenience ??

    i am having a confusion can we create our own tags in html??

  • sir you have u used several tag like <header> ,<nav>, <section>, <article> , <figure> etc etc..
    do these tags are pre defined, or they are self created for your convenience ??

    i am having a confusion can we create our own tags in html??

  • the image could not be loaded instead, it is displaying the alternate message which we have written,
    can you please help me to load my image in my web brouser

  • @rajendradubey: Those are part of the HTML5 specification.  Smiley  I did not create those myself.

    @rajendradubey: You may have a problem with the path.  Can you post the code you've written as well as where on your hard drive those images reside?  ALSO can you load the code I wrote and make sure that works for you.

  • thank you sir the problem of image is solved.
    sir can you please tell me that can i use ant other name for <section>??
    i just want to ask that in html can we create our our tags?


  • <img src="http-message.gif">

    sir this path is accepted only when the image is in the same folder,

    which path to give if image is in different folder, i tried but its not working.

  • @rajendradubey: No, you cannot create your own HTML tags.

    @rajendradubey: I talk about relative paths in the next video.  Please watch that video and hopefully it will answer your questions.

  • thanks alot. you are a very good teacher. I not only learnt but enjoyed as well  Smiley

  • @SummiyaKhalid: Thank you!

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    Thank you for your job.

    Do you think it is possible down load with the video also the subtitle (In English)?

    I'm Italian and for me it's hard to understand a mother tongue speaking English. 

    The subtitle help me and all (more or less) is clear.

    Thank you in any case. 


  • hello bob .it is very  nice to study from your interactive videos !!! 

    i have a doubt , can you plzz tell the actual use of tag <hgroup>............ </hgroup>... as i found the same result no matter it is there or not in the codings ........

    i must tell you that i have reached upto 2 lesson . 

  • @SUBHAM: I'm pretty sure I answer your question in another video.  Just keep watching.  Smiley

  • yeah yeah i got it !!! thanq !!..... i think answer for each doubt comes in the upcoming video !! 

    thank you very much Big Smile

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    where is Lesson 2.zip???

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @Ajwad: the link is in the description of the video mahjeed. "Download the source code for Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page" or the always wonderful non-href version: http://media.ch9.ms/ch9/code/C9HTML_02_Code.zip

  • Hi.. Great tutorial and job.

    Learn a lot and in deep.

    However the images didn't appear. For some reason i made a mistake both on figure 1 and figure 2. It only appears the alt text and the caption but those GIF images don't appear. i search for the error but i didn't find it. i saw the sub-folder Work and the images were there.

    Hope you can add me with this if you have time.

    Thanks a lot..



  • @Jazzhtml5: Double ... no TRIPLE check your references to those images in the HTML, namely the img tags.  It has to be exactly like what I typed.  Download the code associated with this video and try *my* version of the code to validate that.  Good luck!

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    Great Lesson, Thank You , You Did Great Job Sir .

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    it didn't work for me. what am I doing wrong. I followed the steps to a T. how do I get the internet explorer icon into the work folder? How come when I opened the document in the work folder it still has all the code visible and doesn't look at all like yours? I am using IE11

  • AlexAlex

    ok now I cant get the tab to display the title. and the line that we deleted is still there, the line made up of =. Can you tell me what I did wrong?

  • I cannot figure out why, when I open the Lesson02 in Chrome, it doesn't display the title in the tab. The tab displays:"Lesson02.html".  Any suggestions?

      <meta charset="utf-8">
      <title>HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals</title>

    Another question: Does spacing matter in HTML5?  IE:



    <meta charset.....>



                    <meta charset....>

    UPDATE:  I tried it on Firefox and I was able to see the title in the tab. Yaaay!!  Just made it my default browser.



  • The figure caption did not display. In fact, the whole figcaption sentence was not displayed.

    <figcaption>Figure 1. The HTTP Request and Response messages contains

    important information that allows communication back and forth between the

    client and the server.</figcaption>

  • For some reason, everything from 'What are Domain Names' to 'The Purpose for Standard Groups' is in bold and a slightly larger font.  I have been unable to find the reason.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

    PS: When I tried to paste the code, I cannot post it.  I get a message stating: "This comment appears to be spam and has been rejected."



  • @Alex: & @Ageel: Please send me your HTML file via email and I'll take a look at it ... bob@learnvisualstudio.net

  • @Ageel:

    Looking at the code you sent me ...

    1. Using Chrome on my Mac (v. 32.0.1700.77 ... the latest according to my About page) I *was* able to see the title in the tab.  Perhaps this was a glitch on your particular install?

    2. Whitespace does NOT matter.  Use all you want.  Smiley  HOWEVER in some cases whitespace and tabs do add extra characters (even if you can't see them) and make your page larger than they need to be (and as a result, just a tiny bit slower).  Later, after you learn more of the basics, you can learn about minification and gzip which strip out extra characters browsers don't need to keep your pages as small as possible.

    3. It's challenging when you're first getting started to see all of the problems in code.  I looked at your HTML code and you have a stray <!DOCTYPE html> declaration on line 133, for example.  That should only be at the very top of the page.  Furthermore, in line 61 "What are Domain Names?" you did not CLOSE the h3 tag ... each sets everything below it as an H3.

    4. Figure 1 and 2 display for me ... at least, the caption does.  Make sure your images are in the SAME DIRECTORY as this file because you're not referencing a sub folder in your anchor tag (just the file name itself, meaning that the src should be in the same directory as the HTML file.)

    In all matters, please check, double check and triple check your code.  I know it's laborious, but if you copy and paste your page code into http://html5.validator.nu you can find many of the problems.  Good luck!

  • Bob,

        I just emailed you the HTML file.  I figured out the solution to an earlier problem I had previously posted regarding the caption not showing up.  The error, surprisingly, wasn't with the caption, but in the syntax for importing the image. Instead of ...Message"> I had ....Message:>

  • @BobTabor: 

    Thanks for the speedy response. Trying to figure out where the stray !DOCTYPE is. I don't have line numbers L.   Another quick point I'd like to bring up. I think it would be extremely helpful if there was a summary page at the end of the video tutorials specifying what we should have learnt at the end of the module. I bring this up because there are a lot of instances where you say: "Don't worry about this ( Eg: charsets). We'll learn that later." At the end, I would like to know what I should have grasped by watching the tutorial, prior to proceeding to the next one. Eg: After watching this module, you should know what the HTML syntax is for creating a paragraph, an ordered list, a break, how to import images and how to add the captions...etc. This would help in cementing the info we just acquired, and if we didn't get those concepts in the summary, we'll know we have to go back and redo the exercises.

  • @BobTabor.  What did you mean by a stray <!DOCTYPE>.  This was from the original txt file:

    <p>Each web page should declare which standard it has promised to adhere to.  This is called a DOCTYPE, and it is the reason that we typed this:<br>
    <!DOCTYPE html>

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    I have windows 8.1 explorer 10 and marathon browsers when i follow the video it only opens in word pad and when i go to my browser it looks like the word pad version i have restarted and followed your directions to the t but still no dice what am i doing wrong or am i missing a setting

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    Hi there, can you guys show me where I can download Lesson02.zip?

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    Hello guys, I'm a Brazilian guy and I'm learning HTML5 and also english so I would love to have this videos downloaded in my PC and I know I can do it here, but I want the subtitles too because this way I can learn english and html5 together.
    So, I was wondering if there was a way I could get the subtitle?
    Anyway, Thanks a lot.

  • @Elijah Fuller: Please hit Ctrl+ F and search for the download link on the page.

    @Jeandrei Walter: Unfortunately, the technology doesn't work that way.  Sorry!

  • Hi Bob,

    Nice tutorial, very well done! I have a small problem, I only have a MacBook Pro and I use Firefox. I cannot seem to find a way to convert the raw html document into the web page result. Do you know how I can do that? thanks

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    thanks for the tutorials

    i want to learn from these
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    can i do every thing with no problems or

    it will be different

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    I'd like to follow the course but I only have a macbook pro and using Safari. Can I still do this. I can't find a way to convert the html document into the web page result. Can you help.


  • @Ingrid Taylor: Hi, I've had the same problem. I've done some research and eventually found the way to do it. I use firefox though, but it should be the same.

    Basically when you have the html document in text edit, go to format, then choose: make plain text

    Then Save as, change the Plain text encoding into Unicode(UTF-8), then at the end of the file name you have to put .html, eventually a pop up window will come up saying are you sure? you just comfirm html and it's done!

    hope that helps!

  • FogpotionFogpotion

    Great lesson - Except - The initial part of the lesson does not really describe how to create a work file and how to make sure all the elements are in the same file. Believe it or not - finding Notepad on Windows 8 is impossible - and creating files is tricky.
    If you are working from a Windows 7 platform, I can see how you might have skipped this 'duh' aspect - however those of us unfortunate enough to have purchased the 'latest and greatest' have trouble even finding the 'restart' button.
    You lessons are great, however, I have already done the Code Academy tutorial and I really needed to strengthen my understanding. I appreciate the explanations of the terms - which are concise and easy to understand. Thank you so much.

  • IngridIngrid

    thanks to Davide78. I have another question. The images don't load. I've typed the code out as instructed but all I get is a box with a question mark in the middle saying it cannot find the image. Is there something else I should add to the src code? thanks

  • @Fogpotion: Sorry, these lessons were created BEFORE Windows 8 was released.

    @Ingrid: Make sure the PATH in your <img src=""> are pointed correctly.  I cover this in more depth in the next lesson or two (it's been a long time).  Download my code and make sure it works for you, then look at the src I used to reference the correct paths.  Good luck!

  • IngridIngrid

    Hi Bob

    thanks so much for getting back to me. I'm using a macbook pro, textedit with Safari. I've made sure that <img scr=> tag is correct but it still won't show the image when I open the document in Safari. It's so frustrating. I also changed the copyright wording to the symbol but a capital A was added next to the symbol. Might there be compatibility issues?


  • @Ingrid: Please send me your files and I'll take a look at them.  I have a Mac (actually, about 6 or 7 ... I'm using one right now!) and I'm sure we can figure this out.  Make sure you collect them together in the same folder structure (keep any sub-folders that may contain other files like images ... try to keep it as close to what you have right now on your system), right-click (Command-click) on that folder and select Compress ___ from the context menu.  Then email to me: bob@learnvisualstudio.net

  • IngridIngrid

    Hi Bob, I've solved the problem. I've switched over to Textwrangler and everything is working as it should. I can now move on to the next lesson.


  • @BobTabor:Hi Bob, i have the same problem as a few other people, underneath the video display the Download option has a question mark next to it and an instruction to 'right-click' which gives option to 'Save Page As' -but this is the Microsoft Virtual Academy web page not the zip file you are talking about at around 2.37. If i download from the top of this page as you advised, i get a whole bunch of stuff, but not the 'Before/During and After files you show on the video. Have been completely stuck at this point for two days!

  • @BobTabor:Hi Bob, i have the same problem as a few other people, underneath the video display the Download option has a question mark next to it and an instruction to 'right-click' which gives option to 'Save Page As' -but this is the Microsoft Virtual Academy web page not the zip file you are talking about at around 2.37. If i download from the top of this page as you advised, i get a whole bunch of stuff, but not the 'Before/During and After files you show on the video. Have been completely stuck at this point for two days!

  • ChrisChris

    Hi Bob, please forgive my computer ignorance but I have just started this module of your course (really enjoyed Module 01 and looking forward to completing the entire course and others) and am already stuck on a ridiculous item. This is probably a knucklehead question but whenever I downloaded the lesson 2 file it will not allow me to copy and paste the Before folder contents into the Work folder...it will not give me the paste option...I could copy it into any other folder on my computer...but the paste option is taken away when I hover over the Work folder...or any of the folders under lesson 2....the "Not Allowed" symbol appears.....can u tell me what I need to do or what I am doing wrong? Note I am using Windows 8.1 and File Explorer. I would sure appreciate any help. Thank you kindly.

  • @Chris: That is a pickle.  Are you sure you extracted the zip file to a real folder before attempting to copy something into it?  Could it be you're attempting to copy into a zipped folder?  Or, could it be that the target folder is in use?  I can't imagine what else it could be.

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    Hi Bob, the thread for lesson 12 has been closed. The pseudo elements first-line, before and after are not working for me. I've typed them out exactly as you have but they will not work. I'm using the Safari browser. What am I doing wrong?


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    excellent work!I have a question.Before trying to go through the steps of your video i would like to know if i'm going to be able to have the same results as you due to the fact i have a macbook version 10.5.8,and i'm also using textmate and firefox as a browser 15.0.1.Thank you for your time.

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    You should also try http://www.codecademy.com/

  • At 22:59, you showed the first figure with the figure caption right below it.  However, when I bring it up on my end, the caption shows up to the side of the figure at the bottom.

    Is there any way to fix it so that the caption is below the figure instead?

  • Hi Bob! It is a wonderful job you are doing out there for people like us absolute beginners to get the grasp of software development. This series is what I have been looking for and luckily I came across your series and definitely I stand to gain. Now my problem is in Module 02 at 15.17 I do not get to the IE Logo instead Visual Studio Express 2013 for Web page pops up but with the project in. How do I go about displaying my results on a web page? Or is there any setting I can make on the VS 2013 for Web to enable me to view my results on a web page?

    I am having Windows 8.1 and IE 11 with Visual Studio Express 2013 for Web installed.

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    Thank you for excellent video. Please explain me what is the difference b/w section vs div. What to use when.


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  • @ola oyeleye: I'm adding a bunch of stuff this week.  Stay tuned ...

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    Amazing tutorial but I'm not sure what I did wrong.
    The entire text except the first 2 headings are hyperlinked.
    How do I limit the hyperlink to just Home About and Contact?

  • @BobTabor I am a newbie on this page, though I have practiced on another web pages, I´ve been following each step of this video but, I do not why, all the text has the link on it, h ref, I guess, when I click on it, it takes me to the core, my docs. What did I do wrong?

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  • Hello! First, thank you for this series! It has been incredibly helpful, and you're a wonderful instructor, Bob. I really appreciate the work that has gone into making this resource available.

    So, I had a question; why am I getting a different result when loading the code into a browser despite using the same code as in the video? I got a different result when adding the list element for Home, About, and Contact. When loading the code in the browser, the page shows 6 bullet points but no text. My apologies if this result and the solution were posted elsewhere in this discussion, I didn't see a similar post.

    Thank you in advance for your reply! The code: 


        <h2>HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals</h2>



    When I added the code to the footer, the hyperlinked text appeared, but still had 6 bullet points for the link section.

  • Hi Bob, I just want to say Thank You. What you do is sooooo Awesome!

    I do have a question. In Lesson 2 my images didn't load. I made sure all the coding was right. 

  • TaherpoorTaherpoor

    Hi, thanks for the great video.

    I tried to "embed" or post both pictures, but I couldn't, I did exactly what you did, but it didn't work, and also the copy right symbol appear like a question mark"?". do you think is it because of my German windows which is installed on my pc?

    thank you.

  • Hi Bob, I just sign up for Channel 9 HTML5 & CSS3, been a long time sense I use HTML coding or Java even, Have used PASCAL and just the beginning of Fortran. when computers first came out and booted up from a 3.5 floppy disk, and having to reload all the programs from a series of data saved on a HP main drive that took up one entire building. 

  • Hello Bo,, I landed here after few hours of search; first lesson I am your fan. Please be ready to receive simple rather silly questions from me. Thank you.

  • John W SheffieldJohn W Sheffield

    Thank You Bob for your valuable time you have helped me with my grades and knowledge a person like you is priceless, John

  • smart friendosmart friendo

    @Bob Tabor i cant found the zip file of notepad in which the text you are editing html tags can u tell me plz where do i suppose to get this notepad file ???

  • raghavenddraraghavenddra

    Thank you BoB. You have created a nice and elaborate tutorial about html and css. I thank you for giving it free. so nice of for sharing your valvuable time and experience with us. I would like to give you a big hug for this

  • raghavendraraghavendra

    @smart friendo you can find those Zip file at the top of the page of the Homepage of this course

  • MegMeg

    Hi Bob. Thank you for creating these videos.

    I am trying to follow along as much as possible on Windows 8. Unfortunately the "Work" folder within the "Lesson 2" folder has no content on my computer. Can you shed any light on this?


  • MickdieMickdie

    Is there anybodyelse experiencing issues downloading the source code? I have experienced the same problem in the C# series also.

    P.S Bob is an excellent teacher!

  • RonaldRonald

    Thank you @Bob for this series. I followed your Fundamentals of C# and it got me really started in programming again since I was a VB6 student back in high school so now to accompany my reading I am following this series. What I particularly like about your approach/style is that you are current. You are quick to deprecate bad styling or that which is old and has been replaced. You are conceptually grounded which makes everything much easier. Rather than cram stuff into someone's head you offer understanding. Where it says HTML5 &amp; CSS3 it really is HTML5 &amp; CSS3 NOT HTML4.x with HTML5 at the very end or HTML4 with a discussion of how awesome the web is. I am truly appreciative of your approach to quality.


  • karthikkarthik


    One doubt.

    Generally section should be placed between article tag

    plz correct me if am wrong

  • Paulo818Paulo818

    I just started watching this today and I learned a lot of stuff. Thank you so much.

  • Abdul MoizAbdul Moiz

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  • hello sir 

      thankyou very much ...for such a nice tutorial 

    .sir i  m using windows 8 . im  not able to change the background colors and font styles as u told in tutorial 3 . i have typed the same syntax as u have instructed.

    pls tell me the reason why i m not able to it perfectly .

    a quick rply is expected .


  • MasumMasum

    thank you very much and hope that you will continue your GREAT WORKS!

  • Ahmad IdreesAhmad Idrees

    Hello sir
    I am facing aproblem that i cannot view pictures on html after code it.
    <img src="what ever" alt "this is a pic">

  • Ahmad IdreesAhmad Idrees

    Hello sir
    I am facing aproblem that i cannot view pictures on html after code it.
    <img src="what ever" alt "this is a pic">

  • philipphilip

    i can't seem to put use any pic as my background help out

  • nkumarnkumar

    I'm student after Retirement from service.Really,so happy as new beginner & it is to be mentioned that it was easy to understand.thanks ! God bless to you.

  • NKumarNKumar

    I'm student after Retirement from service.Really ,so happy as new beginner and it is to be mentioned that it was easy to understand .
    Thanks!God bless to you.

  • KeltonKelton

    Man, you're telling us to download the file Lesson02.zip????
    Man where is this file for us to download so that we can follow along.....You mention that it's on the website for Channel9...?? WHERE, Bob??????? Where exactly, specifically and directly? You mention the name is PROBABLY Lesson02.zip maybe...BOB, if you don't know the name , I sure as heck won't know Sir....
    Can you PLEASE be more detail as to where this EXACT file reside.. maybe find out the name of if it from Channel8 if in fact they've names it something else, if it's not named Lesson02.zip so that we can follow along, could you please do that Sir?
    We see Lesson2 but it's the video to download....we're not seeing folders to download.
    I'm sorry, but man this is frustrating, not having absolutely no details.....

    Where is this Lesson02 file folder that you speak of???????
    Where Bob, please help us...or if anyone else has found this sunken treasure....where did you find it, please send us the EXACT LINK whre the folder rest....PLEASE....

  • KeltonKelton

    If anybody is wondering, we're talking about for the video: Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page - 02.
    In the video, you're explain that it is most important for us to follow your lead exactly and to download the Lesson02 folders so that we can copy the items inside and such.
    BUT...where are those folders....we are not seeing them on the Channel9 website....
    If anyone has them please forward them to me so that I can forward them. kelton.jenkins7@att.net, in fact forward us all the folders, because we have absolutely of where he is saying these folders to load are on this Channel9 website, nor what they MAY BE named. If you do send them, DON'T JUST SEND A BUNCH OF VIDEOs please name them, be detailed and specific please.

  • @Kelton: You may want to read the text under the video ... you would see the following: "Download the source code for Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page" ... Ctrl + F to search in your web browser, then type in "download" to find the links on any given web page.  That should help.

  • ChasityChasity

    After downloading the lesson02 file I'm not able to paste the "before" data in the "work data". I know I'm doing it right. It will let me copy and paste it in other places tho. Also, it is already in my "after" file. I have deleted everything and started over twice and still same problem. Help please!!!

  • ChasityChasity

    FYI: when I go to paste in the "work" file the pasting option is grayed out. 😡😤

  • Hi Bob where can I get the folder contents you were using I can't find them from the site

  • Jacolby GreenJacolby Green

    Your video's are very helpful. Thank you for putting them out there. I really do feel as if I have a better understanding of why some of the tags are used.

  • Jay Karan YadavJay Karan Yadav

    Hi Bob, you are an awesome teacher.... Best wishers from India!

  • KaysizKaysiz

    This tutorial is owesome,I am a python developer and wanted HTML and CSS for my webdesigning. I am glad to be here.
    Very elaborate tuts, good work Bob

  • KaysizKaysiz

    Best wishes Zimbabwe

  • Hi Bob! Thanks for the tutorial.

    I tried to insert those images, followed exactly same code as yours but I got an error. I'm using macbook(text editor), do you think I need different coding, to insert images or is it the same?

    Thank you :)


  • Hi Bob! I'm a beginner of HTML5 and CSS3 who is a spanish native speaker that would love to download the videos with the subtitles, where can I download the subtitles please? Thanks in advance.

    By the way, Great Work!

  • MaazMaaz

    kindly tell me where are the file name "lesson 2"

  • Hello Bob, can you create the subtitle file to download please? I'm not good in hear so when i download i want the subtitle too.

  • BruceBruce

    How and where do I correctly download the "lesson02.zip" file that Bob asks us to download for this video. When I click the link under the video - Download the source code for Creating Your First HTML5 Webpage it gives me an error message saying the Page Cannot Be Displayed. I see that other people have posted about this same issue as to where to download the lesson2 zipfile. I would be very very much appreciative if somebody could please tell me how to get around this issue and correctly locate and download the file so I can continue with this lesson.

  • Greg Duncangduncan411 It's amazing what a professional photographer can do...

    @Bruce: Strange, I was just able to download the Lesson 2 source from the link below the video.

    In any case, here's a link that has all the lessons in it, http://media.ch9.ms/ch9/code/C9HTMLCode.zip

    This is the link from the MVA course (link at the top of this page, and here, http://www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com/training-courses/html5-css3-fundamentals-development-for-absolute-beginners), Module 1...

    Hope this helps...

  • many thanks (a)  i use the notepad++ no problem

  • @gduncan411: thanks 

  • rahulrahul

    Hello Bob!!
    I've a question that (in 2 video) without using the dedicated (actual) physical path of images, how is it possible that the images are seen in the browser?

  • I can't paste the before files in the after folders. Anyone know why? I seem to be able to paste anything anywhere except these files in this specific folder. Thank you!

  • So i figured out that i have to unzip the file first. Okay that's done. I followed Bobs direct instructions but i can't seem to make a difference in the internet explorer browser. What could i be doing wrong? I saved it exactly as Bob did.

  • @rahul:  As long as the image is in the same folder, that's where your browser will look first.  If the image is in any other folder, then you must define the path to it.

  • Usha S GuptaUsha S Gupta

    I want to code for how to create home page in html.
    And in home page how to create menu.

  • Usha S GuptaUsha S Gupta

    I want to code for how to create home page in html.
    And in home page how to create menu.

  • Nachiketa ThakurNachiketa Thakur

    Thank you a lot for teaching. :)
    I have just one question that - will I be able to make a website for my state where I will be uploading free tutorial videos of my Textbook's course by the end of this course ?

  • Leilani M TaitLeilani M Tait

    Hi Bob, Thank you so much for the videos. I am deaf, and found the Microsoft Virtual Academy videos have subtitles. Is there any way I can have the subtitles downloaded in english?

  • GeorgiRGeorgievGeorgi​RGeorgiev

    Thank you very much for this tutorial.
    GOD bless you and keep you, Bob.

  • Okay, so around the 6:11 mark, I'm saving the document in notepad as a .html file but it's either telling me I'm not authorized (total bs, I am the administrator of my computer), or it's automatically saving it as a text document in LibreOffice-not even Notepad. Any advice?

  • Carlton DuncansCarlton Duncans

    This is an awesome training video.
    But, during this point adding the img point
    I could not see the image at all. I went back to make sure
    everything was correct. Still no image?

    Could it be that I am using windows 10?
    and Edge or Chrome?


  • Jack FullerJack Fuller

    @Carlton - Have you got everything saved in the right folders - work?
    If not it might not be able to find the image, if it is are you seeing the alternate text instead?

  • Did not get the copyright symbol to show. Did exactly what you stated in the video but getting a small square instead. Can you think of anything I did wrong.

  • FurunalFurunal

    Hello Bob,
    I'm not able to download the HTML5 and CSS3 fundamentals: For Beginners working file. So unable to follow along with your video.

    I'm learning these on MVA...Please get to my aid.

    Thank you

  • Hello Bob,
    I'm not able to download/locate the HTML5 and CSS3 fundamentals for beginners working file as well. Plz help


  • @UzairBadar

    sorry but did yo get the link to lesson02.zip?

  • RobRob

    Dear Bob,

    I have a question. I did exactly the same as you did and the first time I did it it worked, but when I saved my file on the way you did, it saved as a notepad document and not like yours, like a link to internet. Do you know why this happened?

  • Fantastic stuff Bob ! Heading onto video 3 ... knowledge here is amazing learning loads ! (a)

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