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In this first lesson, Bob sets expectations and provides a brief overview of the upcoming series.

Download the entire series source code.





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    The Discussion

    • alon3r

      w00w thank you BOB For Helping Us  .... 

    • Alex219267

      YES!!! Nice to see Microsoft bringing Bob Back for another awesome video series!!  Keep it coming Microsoft.  Thank you BOB!!!

    • simplymanas

      Wow This is nice. Thanks

    • skkywalkker

      Thank you Channel 9 and Bob (guru) for this wonderful series. This is what we web dev aspirants waiting for. We have just asked the HTML & CSS basics tutorials in the end of C# fundamentals series and you have given us the latest HTML5, CSS3 tutorials, really a wonderful opportunity to learn the latest so gonna be a visual treat for all of us. Big Smile

      @Channel 9 Team and Bob: Expecting JavaScript & jQuery Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners !!

    • ciupaz

      Great! I love Bob Tabor's video tutorials. Well done, and keep going.


    • zico

      great tutorial! thx

    • Christian Bravo

      Bob where is your series of Javascript, I seach in Channel9 and not find anything.

    • moran

      bob you're the best!

    • straz

      Bob!  You exist! Missing you from LVS .NET. Hope the new videos keep coming.  Good to see teamwork videos

    • BobTabor

      Wow, thanks for the warm welcome to everyone!  Makes all the hard work worth it.  Let me answer a few of the items mentioned above:

      @skkywalkker:  @Christian Bravo:  re: JavaScript ... they will be available very very soon.  I think the good folks at Channel9 wanted to space things out a little.  Smiley

      @straz: re: LVS ... (1) I'm waiting for VS11 to be officially released before I continue adding content.  I've created videos based on Beta's before and inevitably something changes, and (2) I am working on architecture/patterns/practices/agile/scrum/DDD/TDD/SOLID series ... it is such a massive topic that I needed to really feel like I could command it, so I've been heads down for weeks / months on this.


    • camle


      Let Microsoft learn themselves about these fundamentals (in IE) before they teach others.

    • Charles

      Great. I'm going to (re)learn! Thank you.


    • AlessandroV

      Very cool!

      However, anyone using Windows 95 or XP will have a hard time trying to run internet explorer 9 Smiley

    • aymen

      <strong>salut </strong> tout le monde

    • Antonio

      Bob Tabor, your videos are excellent as always. Thank you so much. Just one question... Is having some kind of update? I'am trying to open the page but it doesn't work... Thanks.

    • mha

      Thanks for great series ...

    • pantera9

      Big mistake on using notepad Perplexed You should've used something like Notepad2 or Notepad++ or PSPad. Other than that - great stuff Smiley

      The reasons for notepad being a bad choice:

      - No code highlighting

      - Tabs are 8 spaces! omg!

      Microsoft: please fix the above

    • ilija injac

      Great Resource! Now I can dive into HTML5! Thank you for you stunning work Smiley

    • man

      Thank you for share yours professional knowledge.
      Can you add subtitles for series video?
      because my English listening is very bad.
      maybe you can upload to the YOUTUBE .

    • sandeepsach​an



    • somemorefun

      I've been learning from Bob's videos via since 2002! He's a consummate professional and a very good teacher. Great to see you here, Bob!

    • Paul Moss

      Hi Bob,
      have missed you on LVS but I can you have been spending your time productively, great videos, as always. Looking forward to the JavaScript ones, any news about when they will be available?

    • BobTabor

      I wanted to thank all of you who said nice things ... you know who you are.  Smiley  Catching up with answers that require a bit more explanation ...

      @Antonio: Server outage ... launching 2.0 tomorrow or the next day.

      @pantera9: I don't think any of us are advocating you would use Notepad on a real project.  There are too many great (and free) tools, even directly from Microsoft!  But we wanted these videos to (1) have a long shelf life and not be impacted by different software versions, and (2) we wanted the barrier to entry to be extremely low ... I don't want absolute beginners to get stuck with installing anything more than what they absolutely must.  The tools you reference are great!  No "slight" intended, however they are not "Microsoft" and I felt like using them would trip up people who wanted to get started immediately.  Hope that makes sense ... I beg that you overlook this and continue through the series -- I'm hoping it is useful to you!

      @man: Please request that in the Feedback link at the bottom (footer) of this page.  The more often Microsoft hears it, I'm sure they will make it happen.  As you might imagine, there is a large cost (time, money) to add subtitles, but if they hear that request often enough Microsoft will make it happen (just my experience with peeps at Microsoft -- very responsive to what users want).

      @Paul Moss: JavaScript / jQuery videos have just been published on Channel9:

    • Michael Burks

      Couold you add closed captions for those who cannot hear?

    • BobTabor

      @Michael Burks: Make sure you request those sorts of things in the Feedback link in the footer at the very bottom of each page on Channel 9.  The good folks at Microsoft more closely monitor those requests than here.  Thank you!

    • Bart de Vreede

      I've never heard of Bob before and never visited this website before. Since I stumbled upon this series now it's my favorite place to be on the web until I've finished this course (and hope to finish many more) and absolutely love the way Bob teaches this and makes things simple and understandable. On a scale of 1 to 10 I think my knowledge was a small 2 and now I feel myself growing every day. Bob, if we ever meet, I owe you a beer!

    • BobTabor

      @Bart de Vreede: Smiley  I don't drink alcohol, preferring the sweet refreshing taste of an Orange Crush in a bottle.  I'd gladly take you up on that offer if we ever meet ... glad to hear this is working for you and sincere best wishes as you continue through!

    • Christ

      thank you Bob i love the way u teach , and also thank you channel9

    • natelawrence

      Bob, many thanks for taking the time to create this series. 
      I'm looking forward to diving in!

    • Werner

      Very useful videos to help me getting into this subject

    • BobTabor

      @Christ: @natelawrence: @Werner: Thank you all for the kind words.  Good luck!

    • Angelo​Chiello

      So thank you Bob for this free course.

      What I really do not understand is: why don't you post this course on your website? I am entitled to ask because I am a lifetime subscriber and there is no evidence of "latest" technology on LearnVisualStudio.NET since 2010.. maybe earlier.

      Last VS course was about VS2010.

      Last Web development: MVC3.

      Last RIA course: Silverlight 4 Level 1.

      You still have still a course "First impressions Visual Studio 2010 series". No Windows 8 development, no VS2012, no Silverlight 5, no MVC 4, no HTML 5.

      If I am missing something, please, please, forgive me and point me to the right web pages on LearnVisualStudio.NET. But if I am right just tell me "a lifetime subscription was a mistake". I made a lot of mistakes (like everybody), one more just don't make a difference.

      Again, sorry if I am wrong.

    • BobTabor

      @AngeloChiello: Hi, I will post this on LVS soon and it will be free for all to see.  It takes time to create the pages, upload the videos to a streaming server, and then money to stream it myself.  Regarding, many of those technologies have been out less than a month or two.  Visual Studio 2012 has been out for less than one week.  There are no MVC4 books even available yet.  Windows 8 hasn't been released yet.  Patience, my friend.  I'm just one guy, and I don't charge $20-$40 per month to hire dozens of authors (instead, I charge $50 for one year!).  Each video series is lovingly crafted like an artisan crafts a painting -- deliberately, with passion and thought.  I'll get to those topics eventually, but honestly?  There will come a point (perhaps you're already there) where you'll outgrow what I can offer you -- or at least, at the speed you require it.  Perhaps you're already there.  Sorry if that is an unsatisfying answer.  The fact of the matter is that these videos help me show the world what I do and allow me to stay in business.  So much more I could tell you ... perhaps this would be a conversation better served offline.  Feel free to email me personally.  Thank you! -- Bob

    • Angelo​Chiello


      I wrote you off line. I'd like to write here just that I know how good your videos are because I learned a lot from them but that was a long time ago.

    • BobTabor

      @AngeloChiello: Please resend to bob at learn visual studio dot net ... I didn't receive anything from you -- I suspect you went through my normal support route which goes to someone who filters my mail.  I'd love to chat further.  Thanks!

    • straz

      @BobTabor:your instruction is top notch.  Microsoft, you need this type of passion and talent.  really excited about future videos Bob and team can deploy on wrapping a lot of the foundations here into server side asp etc.  thinking of a video series "path to mastery" if you will.


    • Amolak

      Hey bob, i just want to start learning these tutorials,
      i have one doubt that whether i learn html (4) first then html5
      or should i directly start with html5 and css3.

    • BobTabor

      @Amolak: My advice is to jump right into HTML5.  In most cases, especially simple scenarios, you won't notice the difference.  Smiley  Just be sure to test your website in all browsers.  It is an in-excact science, unless you have $$$$$ to spend.

    • Vikas Ahlawat

      @BOB thanx very much for Great Resource! your all video series are
      great+= great;
      I am your big fan.
      Sir if it is possible please be more active on facebook. I want to be in touch with you on fb also.
      Thanx again sir......

    • munto

      Great tutorial. I've read various html guides but this interactive guide definately works well. The practical nature of the sessions show that you can make something worthwhile with some simple html, and it helps to make the ideas and principles stick in the mind!

    • srinivasskc

      Hi Bob,

      In this video,u have mentioned about image and property called alt:

      what does alt refers to?

      And you didnt show how it reflects on an image?

    • ammoulata

      thnk u Bob ^^ i love the C# series and the WP7 Series and this Series too Smiley

    • fungale

      thanks BobTabor................. Smiley

    • zashahmosvi

      Greetings to every one.

      I have just seen the first video of this HTML5 series and found it very interesting and usefull. I am very thankfull to Bob and channel9.

      Keep it up Bob, you have done fantastic work.

      Thanks again.

    • zashahmosvi


      "alt" means "alternative" and this attribute is used as a precaution in <img> tag. If the picture that is refered in the image tag is missing or the location of picture is not properly given in the image tag then at this moment the string(sentence) written inside the alt execute.

      Hope you understand. Smiley

    • mackcoin

      Excellent Tutorial for Beginners..thanks a lot !

    • annaqeeb

      Thank you Bob for this great series. I watched Visual C# 2005 for absolute beginner earlier this year, and now I am watching this series.

    • annaqeeb

      I have 2 questions,Bob.  I am just trying to use advice to be active learner

      Big Smile

      • The first question is why use windows notepad , while it increases frustration of beginners ? Yes, It removes the frustration of installation , but it adds frustration because it doesn't support line breaks of other OSes other than Windows ; e.g. in lesson  17 of this series , downloaded font-face kit files didn't show their line breaks only because they are not saved as windows style line break . Using  any other test editor will remove this problem , e.g : SciTE, notepad2 , notepad++ or Programmer's notepad .
      • The second question :  what are the free tools for HTML5 and CSS3 from Microsoft that you mentioned without naming ?  Can you name them,please?
    • usaroch

      Thanks Bob, Really good tutorial and a nice place to start.

    • BobTabor

      @annaqeeb: We wanted these videos to (1) have a long shelf life and not be impacted by different software versions, and (2) we wanted the barrier to entry to be extremely low ... I don't want absolute beginners to get stuck with installing anything more than what they absolutely must.  If you are interested in other free tools, check out WebMatrix or Visual Studio 2012 Express for Web.

    • haidinhtran

      this really amazing, i really need that now Wink

    • Aleksandr

      I'm impressed with your work. I'm very glad that there are people like you.
      Thank you very much, Bob!

    • yiyist

      speak very good,But I come from China,Did not really understand Smiley


    • Tanay Talesra

      Hi Bob,impressed with your work and think that you have really helped all the beginners including me.
      I need you to do me a small favor.I am a freshman and am unaware of what C,C++ and C# is.But I want to develop apps for Windows Phone using your beginner series.Can I begin straight away or should I first learn C and then proceed to app development for Windows 7.Also what are the prerequisites for Windows Phone development.

    • BobTabor

      @Tanay Talesra: The Windows Phone series I created for Channel9 a few years ago is perfect for you.  It starts by assuming you know absolutely nothing about C# and through 60+ lessons, gets you to the point you can build a small app.  There are dramatic differences in C++, C and C# (despite their names).  Personally?  I think C# is the easiest.  If you're going to pursue an Software Engineering or related degree, you probably should focus on C++ because you're probably going to have to learn it at some point.  Best wishes!

    • asas

      you`r the man Bob
      could you please be a little simple in your language
      my english still so bad
      and i`m looking for total understanding as my total admiration of your great effort with us
      thanks man

    • BobTabor

      @asas: Sorry, sometimes I forget I'm speaking to a global audience.  Thank you for your comment.

    • Alexandr

      I know English bad, too =( If you could add a subtitle, that would be great.

    • Roc


    • Yusuf

      Hello, thank you so much! I really like that, you explain well and also i understood everything well.

    • Anshu Mishra

      will this html5 and javascript fundamental tutorial help me in microsoft certification(html5, css3 and javascript)

    • BobTabor

      @Anshu Mishra: Coudn't hurt.  Smiley  Seriously, they were not designed for that purpose, and I've not taken that exam myself so I really can't comment on their worthiness in that regard.  Let me know if they work for you.  Good luck!

    • kamran

      Thank you a lot. i will participate

    • Jesus

      Hi, Mr. Tabor, tnx u to share your knowledge about HTML5 and CSS3, I´m studing to I´ll make certification on march 19. I hope learning more with your videos!

    • Kushagra

      I am really new to software programming. If you could make a series about C and C++ it would have been great!


    • BobTabor

      @Kushagra: Unfortunately, I know nothing about C or C++ ... sorry!

    • Rafaya

      با سلام

      مجموعه خوبی است ولی بسیار کوتاه است تا شروع به زیبا شدن میکنه تمام مشود

      با تشکر

    • santosh


    • Neer

      sir, u made me your fan in one word. basically I am a fashion and graphics designer, but i wants to do also web developing and building.

      yours HTML, CSS and Java Script really helped me out a lot. but trust me, the PHP still not getting in.. :( but i guess if you gonna teach me, then it will not take much time to work well. i am not getting any good fundamental to advanced course of php that i can learn easily on my live working field.. so is there any videos that you made on PHP? really it will a great help for me sir..
      I am From Bangladesh, far across the place from you... but your teaching spread all over the world...

      thanks for your kindness.. i will wait for a helpful reply for sure...

      take care,,,
      have a good day...

    • BobTabor

      @Neer: Sorry my friend, I know very little about PHP.  I'm sure there are good reference sites, books and videos about it out there somewhere.  Good luck.

    • zwarburg

      Mr. Tabor. Do you mind my asking, what screencasting program do you use?


    • BobTabor

      @zwarburg: Hi Zack, I have no problem telling you, but for reasons you'll come to understand I don't want to post it in this thread.  Write me : bob at learn visual studio dot net

    • Guilherme Goncalves

      That's so nice this opportunity of learning these new technologies... Thank you, Microsoft & team...

    • Misheil

      Thank you Bob, for the Absolute beginners series. They are great.

      My machine is Win XP Pro. The Internet Explorer is 8. When I tried to upgrade the IE to IE 9, I found IE 10 is available. I was not sure what is the system requirement for the IE 10. Will it be compatible for my machine?

      Thank you,


    • BobTabor

      @Misheil: Unfortunately, I don't believe you will be able to install it.  See this article:

      It seems that IE10 only works on Windows 7 and greater.

      However, for the purposes of this series, you can use the current version of *any* browser.  If Internet Explorer doesn't "give you the love", you may consider other browser vendors that do.  (Sorry, I've got to be careful what I say here.  Use your imagination.)  Hope that helps?

    • Abann

      First of all I say big thank u to Bob Tabor for your great tutorials here. May God bless u more! Pls can we have Absolute beginner for SQL Database server tutorial too? thanks

    • BobTabor

      @Abann: Hi, I don't think I'll be creating those for Channel9 (at least, I haven't been asked yet) but I do have an introduction to SQL Server on my main website, and even more SQL Server videos by me on my other website.

    • Adriana

      Hi Bob

      waw! I think I am the only woman here, feeling a bit intimidated :), anyway I am starting from the very beginning, encouraged by my husband who is a web developer, well lets see how far I will go.

      PS: could you please recommend where I can find some page to do some practice, exercises for a example? will help me a lot(I find a bit abstract)

    • BobTabor

      @Adriana: The great thing about software development is that it's a meritocracy: nothing matters except your knowledge and skill.  There's no personal politics in software development ... the computer discriminates against us all equally.  Smiley

      You may want to briefly jump to the very end of this series ... in the final video, I suggest a few things you can do to build your skill.  Find any web page (start with a simple one!) and try to re-create it from scratch.  JUST FOR PRACTICE copy the images down from the original web page (right-click, Save Image As ...) and then write the HTML5 and CSS3 yourself, not looking at what the original author did.  After you've challenged yourself for a few hours, undoubtedly you'll get stuck and then you can look at how the original developer created that given page.  There may be a lot of JavaScript in the page for things like tracking or other dynamic functionality, but ignore that and only look at the HTML5 and CSS3.  Websites for small businesses might be a good place to start, OR purchase a SIMPLE HTML5 template (for under $10) from here:

      ... to see if you can re-create it, or modify it, or just understand what and why they did what they did.

      But yeah, perhaps I should create a series of "challenges" for HTML5 / CSS3 developers to learn specific techniques.  Good idea.

      Best wishes to you!  Stick with it ... baby steps and patience.  No one learns this stuff in a few days.  It takes weeks, months, even years to master it a little at a time.

    • Juan Pablo

      Hi Bob ! I am writing you from Montevideo, Uruguay. I wanted to appreciate all this videos you have done (I am writing you at the series introduction one, but I am currently watching video number 7).

      They are very understandable and enjoyable as well and that is magnificent, particularly when it comes to a junior developer as I am. Information tecnhnologies are my life. I am dedicating my life to Software Engineering. These videos are very helpful for my next Microsoft exam 70-480 preparation.

      Thank you again,keep it up !
      PS: By chance, is there any set of videos also published by you refering perhaps subject like developing web applications using with C#?

      I have bought a book from amazon, but it would be very nice to watch some good stuff about this technology and language in particular.

      Regards !
      Juan Pablo.

    • BobTabor

      @Juan Pablo: Hi Juan, it's great to hear that the videos can help you pursue certification.  You said you are dedicating your life time Software Engineering ... that's what it takes -- a lifetime of dedication.  But don't forget to have a little fun with  the important things of life, too.  Smiley

      As fars as ASP.NET videos go, I have some of that on my personal website, and will be adding even more in the summer.  Check it out.

      Good luck!

    • Juan Pablo

      Ok. Thank you very much Bob !

    • Kimochi Neina

      Im exciting to learn something new!
      Tks so much for this series.

    • jumpingjoe57

      Can you add captions to these video lessons?  I tried to look for settings whether or not the Captions is available.   I would love to learn these videos. They will keep me sharpen my technical skills while I am looking for a job.

    • jumpingjoe57

      I am disappointed because I did not see Closed Captioned settings.  Can Microsoft people able to add captions to the free online courses?  Whom can I contact to?   If Microsoft adds captions to the free online courses, then it will help deaf/hard hearing IT professionals to improve their technical skills. 

    • BobTabor

      @jumpingjoe57: I definitely understand your concerns and I completely agree.  And in a brief chat with the folks at Channel9, it's on their radar.  However, I don't work for Microsoft so I don't know more than that.  The Feedback link in the bottom / footer area of each page is where you will get their attention.  Others have asked for this too.  Best wishes in your job search!

    • joker

      thx but why a big micro$oft logo :(

    • BobTabor

      @joker: Where?

    • GrampaGo

      Trippy! Thanks! Wink

    • Jose Fair Calderon

      Gracias por el entrenamiento y el código, excelentes.

    • DavidDilley


      Thanks for putting this together. I have been working with Visual Basic since Ver. 1.0 (I was almost a kid back then and I am 63 now) and bought the first version of Visual Studio that followed later. I have watch the continued improvement of Microsoft development products over the years and have to say I am very impress with the latest VS additions. I have been reluctant to "upgrade" myself but recently I have been using VS 2012, mostly the web developer, and have discovered some changes in HTML elements for HTML 5 and Cascading Style Sheets that I was not aware of while in my reluctant mode. I started writing code like I always have and I kept seeing errors pop up for the <center> element. It took me some browsing forums to discover <center> has been replaced by CSS settings. Since I have started using the new HTML 5 and CSSs I am still having some problems getting a few things to center on a page without <center>, especially ASP.NET Wizards, but I am hoping your tutorials will help me understand the new arrangements better.

      Thanks for lending a hand to an old dude that wants to get up to speed!

    • BobTabor

      @DavidDilley: Thanks for watching and writing.  Yes, the center tag is a prime example of what I talk about in this series ... the intent of HTML5 changed dramatically from where it began.  If you can think of the computer programming principle of "separation of concerns", then it will make your transition easier.  Ask yourself "Did this old tag represent CONTENT or DESIGN?"  If the answer is "design", then there's probably a replacement for it using CSS3.  Good luck!

    • Saad Saleem

      Bob thank you so much.....its amazing......

    • ujwal

      This is fantastic.. I just created my first webpage. Typed along with Bob. Missed the closing tag for <a href> and ended up making the whole page a hypertext. After a bit of struggle and re examination, I finally continued on. Thank You again Bob. I hope I don't stop learning this time and continue on.

    • ilyescrack

      Hi, is a nice introduction, thank you Smiley

    • Gautam sharma


      Thanks for putting this together. I have been working with Visual Basic since Ver. 1.0 (I was almost a kid back then and I am 63 now) and bought the first version of Visual Studio that followed later. I have watch the continued improvement of Microsoft development products over the years and have to say I am very impress with the latest VS additions. I have been reluctant to "upgrade" myself but recently I have been using VS 2012, mostly the web developer, and have discovered some changes in HTML elements for HTML 5 and Cascading Style Sheets that I was not aware of while in my reluctant mode. I started writing code like I always have and I kept seeing errors pop up for the <center> element. It took me some browsing forums to discover <center> has been replaced by CSS settings. Since I have started using the new HTML 5 and CSSs I am still having some problems getting a few things to center on a page without <center>, especially ASP.NET Wizards, but I am hoping your tutorials will help me understand the new arrangements better.

      Thanks for lending a hand to an old dude that wants to get up to speed!

    • John Sullivan

      How do I download the lesson 2 zip file for the html5 tutorial

    • NguyenXuan​Viet

      if there are subtitles, I can better understand the lectures he saw, because I heard he was not well. @Bob . Thanks you.

    • Mohamed samer

      Great Series always @Bob , but we need Subtitles :(

    • MagusLimper

      Oh no! There are no subtitles/closed captions...
      I wish there will be closed captions just like HTML5 & CSS3 Fundamentals Development for Absolute Beginners ( soon

    • MagusLimper

      Oops, i wrote last comment in the wrong place... I was talking about the C# Fundamentals series

    • Clint

      @MagusLimper: subtitles are a hard thing to do right, the Channel 9 team is looking into it but wants to be sure it is done right.

    • charles king

      How do I apply for an account?

    • Duncanma

      @charles king: a Channel 9 account? No need to apply, just click the 'sign in' link in the upper right area of the page, sign in with your Microsoft Account (or create one), pick a profile name for Channel 9 and you're done.

    • Amey023

      Hey bob just a just had a question .. what's the difference between </tag> and <tag/> .. when i used second one to close it didn't render the things properly !

    • Amey023

      @srinivasskc: alt is the description of an image for eg. if your browser cannot render the image for some reason .. a text in the alt attribute will act as its placeholder .. Bob also told it would be used by screen readers by i did try it out with screen reader but my narrator wasn't able to tell me what is it ...

    • BobTabor

      @Amey023: <tag /> is a self enclosing tag meaning that you don't have to use the </tag> style.  It can't be used for everything, but it is convenient most of the time.

    • imrankhan

      No competition possible ! nice job Sir Bob Tabor.

    • moalla

      @BobTabor: Bob sir you are the best always :D :D :D

    • uran

      I'm so thankful that I found your videos in explaining HTML5. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us Bob.

    • Nabbas



    • Cornell

      I have to say that I have found your teaching style is extremely easy to follow, especially compared to other coding schools online. It helps a great deal that along the process of coding, you explain the concept behind what were coding, and that adds more value to this learning experience. I really appreciate it! :D

    • ImadSawal

      @BobTabor , here are some courses which can help in web designing , as you mentioned in the video :

    • hemadri

      Hi srinivasskc,

      As per your question first you would like to know what is singled tag and paired tag.

      Singled tag: Ending tag which ends with / after the tag name with in the tag itself is Singled tag.
      Ex: <img src="#"/>

      Paired tag: Starting tag and ending tag will be seperate and the / will be before the tag name is called paired tag.

    • HamdyFleafel

      Dear all,

      can any help me to download this video with English translation that appear on it 

    • kalagar

      good job bob. and tank you a lot.


      sir i want to learn HTML5 where is vedios

    • Omar

      Thank Bob, I hope to learn HTML5

    • Deepanshu​Gautam

      i'm not getting javascript template- "blank app" either in installled templates or in among online templates, help me

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