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Here at Microsoft, we are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Microsoft Excel by taking a look through its compelling and dramatic history, which is filled with great tech tidbits. In this video, we talk to Scott Oki, Charles Simonyi, Jeff Raikes, and other visionaries behind Excel. We go back to the beginning of the story with Multiplan, MS-DOS, and Lotus 1-2-3.  The initial codename for Excel was "Odyssey" and that project kicked off in 1983. Now, watch to learn more. Part Two will air tomorrow. 



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The Discussion

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    Mario Botero

    Thanks microsoft for do more easy work in a PC,
    Your company make posible my mom, use the technology for easy mode.

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    Great post,I love this series!
    Congratz to the Excel team, you guys have a fantastic product. :-)
    I bet the Microsoft bashers will now use it against you guys that you said the code still contains a lot of legacy code. I wonder how long it will take... lol

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    While it is a great Product some in the industry have managed to break the ECS and as such we are unhappy that we are trying to use the best of Microsoft, and bring the technology with us in advances and it lags behind like an old dog :-( Maybe the Microsoft crew will listen to those helping drive the edges of the products into the future i.e. the "User"

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    Great video!Kudos to Excel team

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    Great Video and I hope I can have the same fun that you guyz had one day. Smiley

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    Daniel D

    In that screengrab for the video, either someone was having a laugh with the owner of the brown car by boxing him in, or the guy who owns the blue car really can't park.
    Thanks for the doing the videos. So much more interesting then the endless WP7 and Azure videos. 

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    Michel Smith

    Fantastic video. I would like to use those techniques. Thanks for helpful post. <a href="http://www.excelhelp.com/">Excel Consultants</a>

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    Excel rocks and so does Power Pivot!  Cern needs to utilize the Power Pivot.  Excel is competitive with Mathimatica and the corporation needs to step up and say so. 

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    Really, the more I think about it, why doesn't Microsoft present Excel as an inexpensive competive tool to Mathematica?  Seriously, the two products are very similar, and Excel is SOOOOOO much less expensive. 

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    victor earskin germany09

    goodwork, help me please?

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