The History of Microsoft - 1977

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The Discussion

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    I didn't know they had widescreens back then.
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    I guess wide screen is a relative term. Tongue Out

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    Can you please start naming the download files for series (all channel 9 series not just this one) with something alphabetic like 1977 - HistoryBlaBlaBla? I am downloading them to watch them later and sometimes it is a mess so I've started renaming them myself.
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    Hey Stilgar,
                         Let me see what we can do about that. 

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    Love this segment, I just wish it was longer Smiley
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    Sven Groot
    I really love these videos, but the aspect ratio of the Bill Gates interview is still wrong. It is hugely distracting for me and detracts from the video.
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    These videos make me feel like I'm still at Disneyworld (just got back last week).  Especially the theme song.  It's like I'm riding through the golf ball at Epcot and each room is another year of Microsoft.
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    I hate it when videos have the wrong aspect ratio. It's too distracting for me to watch. I also hate pointing it out because I don't want to come off as someone with Asberger syndrome. But this is the third episode I can't watch because of this measly flaw. 
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    I notice it too but I'm assuming they would have to re-edit the whole thing again to fix the problem because only parts of it are wrong. If the entire video was wrong then it would be easier to fix.
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    Ahhh, I always get goosebumps when I watch retro tech shows...
    Just keep 'em coming boys and girls, you have one viewer over here who can't get enough!
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    Me too, we have this huge archive of Microsoft footage that is amazing and totally untapped. Of course it's time consuming to put a show like this together so kudos to Tina for digging through tons of videos, photos, old school ads (I love these), etc

    It's kind of like Channel 9 before Channel 9 existed Smiley

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    thanks for the video, keep them coming
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    Guo Jing
    Well, that's very cool vedio and Awakened my memory when I was a child..
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    its gonna effect negativly to ur browser man! Big Smile

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