The History of Microsoft - 1978

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    I'm enjoying this series, but could you pleeeeaase fix the aspect ratio on the non-widescreen content? Pleeese? Pretty Pleeeese?

    I'd rather not have to see another 31 episodes of Bill with a fat head.
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    I've already given up on that. Guess whoever edits these can't see the difference.
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    If we put asside Bill Gates' inflated cranium, that was still another great C9 video Smiley
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    The modern parts are widescreen and the 90s footage of Bill is not so it got stretched. To fix it the entire video would have to be re-edited and even though the incorrect aspect ratio annoys me too I don't think they're going to bother fixing it.

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    I wouldn't be so sure... Tina is well aware of this issue and I think she's planning on fixing it (you are right in that it will require work).

    Now, back to the content of the show...
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    Yeah, I guess the original project could be opened and the old footage could be squished back to 4:3 then the whole thing re-rendered. Glad to hear she's planning on fixing it because the videos are too good to have something like that messing them up.
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    Shining Arcanine
    Observe how Bill Gates gulps before mentioning Cobol. Tongue Out

    Edit: This wasn't meant to be a reply.
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    I am so on this people.  As we speak (type) I am working on the Bill Gates cranium issue.  Starting next week I think we will be good to go.  If you guys think 1979 works as far as aspect ratio goes than I can use that as my template going forward.  Again, thank you for your patience. 


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    Yeah we would not want some future historian to find the videos and start a theory that bill was some kind of mutant with an ugly head....  picture some team 10,000 years down the road looking at it and wondering if they had his genes etc....
    or if we all used to have strange heads in the 20th and 21st century....

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    Rodney McKay

    Again a great video! For all of you out there, check the movie "´Pirates of silicon valley". It tells the story of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in the early days, very funny ...

    I would like to add one last thing to the 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio discussion. If you fix the next show, it would be great to have a real 16:9 video, not a 4:3 video that contains a 16:9 video (showing Tina) that contains 4:3 videos (showing Bill Gates). Wink

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