The History of Microsoft - 1979

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    Good One! but very short in duration.
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    Tina, you forgot the most important event of 1979!  I was born!  Big Smile

    Good video as always.  Smiley

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    I'm lovin this series, keep them commin....
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    I remember that year very well!  In fact, I built one of the SWTPC M6800 machines that is pictured.  PCs cost about the same then; but you have to realize that we also got a machine that ran at about 1mhz, had b/w graphics (if we were lucky), no disk drives and averaged about 32K (not meg!) of memory.  Monitor?  You probably used an old TV set.  My wife kept asking me what it was GOOD for! 

    But at least we had BASIC!
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    It was may years before we actually got a real monitor in this house. Up until then we just connected them to a TV.
    Old Commodore 1702 Monitors where WAY too expensive.
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    yohn mylo

    If history is your passion then this is a pretty good video. forum studentesc

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    Great video. I love all of the facts about the year they come up with.

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