The History of Microsoft - 1980

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    Love it, keep it up! Steve Ballmer seems to always have been the man for bringing in the cash and growing the company, hadn't quite dawned on me that this is nothing new, going back so far.
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    wow - that was very telling...

    fun reading bill gates body language as he describes letting ballmer into to run the show
    "steves great at hiring guys"   "programmers like being run by programmers"

    ..just wow.

    on the + side...

    the 80's MS logo - i dont remember seeing that - very cool with the slanting and drop down letters - looks almost NEW

    and also cool was MS UNIX = Xenix??  double wow.

    it even starts with X (box)

    ps - is my Xphone ready yet Wink  * and i may reconsider if it's Xune 
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    two things i have noticed:

    1) when i view full screen i find the syn is off between the audio and the video.
    2) full screen does not look very good, what is the top resolution you are encoding for ??
    my display is 1200x1920 x 28 inch diagonal  Smiley

    ok the audio sync is not just on this video, i guess there is an issue with sync on many of the videos played by the silverlight player when i go full screen... sucks.
    i wonder if it's a problem with scaling up the video or something else....
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    Thank you, Tina!
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    Can you PLEASE use some convention for these download filenames. ForTinaHistory... WTF?!?!?

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    It looks like a cheesy 80's metal band logo. Then again, it was the 80's.
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    Super Cool! Thank you Tina for bringing us this video. I'm downloading all the series. Could you please make longer videos in the future? We always want to know more ! Bye!

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    Um... What?

    Anyway, we have another fine piece of history in a convenient digital format... always looking forward to new eps! Smiley
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    I miss Bill.
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    I don't know if this is the right thread for this comment, but here it goes,

    My platform since 2000 is mainly Mac, either at home or on the road consulting. I just recently bought my first non-ppc mac, the mac mini so that I can keep up with my personal interest in

    We are divided no more, thanks to OpenSource and Linux, so this is not a platform gripe, it is something for the technicians to test.

    I have VMware Fusion+xp home edition SP3, and I can run "in parallel" windows and mac.

    I noticed using IE 8 in the Fusion virtualization of windows that the volume control for these movies works correctly, with decent decibel output.

    Simultaneously, and logged in to the forum "twice" with a mac os x 10.5.7 (last night update), the volume output is totally unacceptable for the silverlight 2.0 I downloaded and installed as a plugin to Safari browser. You can up the volume control arrow all the way, and still you can't get decent volume.

    Are there known issues about this ?


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    I love MS, I love windows 7 and what is the next of windows ???

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    wow I've never heard of XENIX, you learn something new every day

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