The History of Microsoft - 1983

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     It is always nice to look back. Some new unknown information gives the feel of "Oh, this is what it is...". And some are revelations. The transition was nice to know from solution provider to the owner. With the MS Word and Excel - there are some hiddent functions - like rand in word and in excel, there was a game packaged... you can touch upon those for the lighter side...
    Nice work Tina.

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    First Woman In Space: Sally K. Ride

    I'm guessing that's a typo ?

    Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova - 1963
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    Good show Tina. One advice. Stop twitching your head so violently while talking. Smiley
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    so me and the mouse on the same age Smiley
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    "First US Woman in space" is what I heard.
    Another great nostalgia inducing episode as always. Smiley
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    So 7 months is all it took them to go from MS DOS 2.0 to Windows? Amazing, I didnt realise Windows started it's life so far back!

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    Duncan McAlynn

    In the video, Tina states that Word 1.0 shipped on Nov. 29 but the web page states Sept. 29. The History of Microsoft Wikipedia page also states that “Word was first released in the spring of 1983” but the Microsoft Word wiki further confuses the matter with the statement that “It was first released on October 25, 1983”.

    Could we please have some clarity? This is important history of our industry and we need to get it right. Thank you! -DMc

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    Anna Stockmeier

    I noticed in this video an image of an early version of Windows 1.0 that I can't find elsewhere (says 09 Apr 1984 on top). Where did that image come from? Was it from a magazine or internally archived?

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