The History of Microsoft - 1987

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The Discussion

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    That Mac looks so tiny compared to the IBM PC giants Smiley

    Btw, take a peek here if you require english subtitles for better accessibility:
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    Ok, can I be the first to point out that the SUN screenshots were of an Acorn machine running RISC OS?
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    Wow, time flies.  This series really takes me down memory lane.

    The PS/2 micro channel bus didn't take off, did it?  A little too late for IBM.  Too many clones already out there to try to set a new standard.

    That was the most rehearsed Bill Gates interview yet in this series.  But still fascinating.

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    1987 - the year I sold my first program Smiley  I would have never imagined that one day I would work for Microsoft.  Too bad I didn't buy some stock back then...
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    Jose Octavio Martinez

    I like to introduce my self my name is Jose Octavio Martinez. Bill Gates your a true genius I'm glad the the sequence to the universe is in good hands. Im glad everything turn out good I hope non of that negative energy ever gets reveal again it's to dangerous for society. Thank your for your time its a true blessing.

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