The History of Microsoft - 1994

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    Besides Windows, Chairs seem to have played a significant role in the History of Microsoft Wink

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    Rob Jansen

    I don't want to look like an <insert badword here>.

    I really like this series, but thursday has come and gone for a while and 1995 was not posted.
    Any hints on when it's coming?

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    Multimedia Strauss!!! I had a copy of that CD but lost it. Does Microsoft sell archived content?

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    No HQ download for this chapter?

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    Like many a Microsoft product before and after, Bob was announced before it was finished. The unofficial software will arrive in stores until March 31, 1995, almost three months after its debut at CES. It sold for $ 99, a bit on the pricey side, though it was a time when the software is generally sold for more than that in the coming years. But Bob costing was not as important an issue as the hardware requirements. The program requires a PC with a 486 CPU, 30 MB free disk space, and what the Puget Sound Business Journal called "a large amount of memory, 8 MB, or twice the typical amount to around 1995 computers at home looked. Rookies only be able to experience the equipment owned by Bob if unusually powerful.
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    Great piece of collection.Truly it's very difficult to choose the best out of all because these are the topmost I have seen so far. Love SMS

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    Patrick Bennour

    Answer to "pedromoreno":
    The link to the hq version for this chapter is:

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