The History of Microsoft - The Jeff Raikes Story: Part One

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Jeff Raikes left Apple in 1981 and became the visionary behind Microsoft Office. This is Part One of the Jeff Raikes story for The History of Microsoft series. 

Jeff's entire story is told with great visuals; we dug through thousands of old tapes and photographs to bring you this compelling documentary, which takes an incredible look into the history of technology, what life was like at Apple in 1980, how Jeff taught himself to program on an Apple II, and his first assignment, which was working on Visicalc, the first electronic spreadsheet.

Jeff also discusses why he left Apple, and what it was like to work for Steve Jobs and then Steve Ballmer before coming to Microsoft at a time when there were only about 100 employees. He also tells great stories about Microsoft hiding the protype to the IBM personal computer and how Microsoft Office came to see the light of day. 



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