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Hitman, by Io-Interactive (in short IOI), published by Square Enix, is a game about Agent 47, the world's greatest assassin. The Hitman franchise is 20 years old and in April 2016 IOI released the latest version of Hitman in the form of the world's first episodic AAA game. Meaning a game that will evolve over time, with features that might only be accessible if you are connected to the cloud. In this video, you'll get an introduction to Hitman and how Microsoft Azure has come to play a crucial part in IOI's strategy to develop the game. 

Cristian Corsano, Lead Online Programmer and Torben Ellert, Lead Online Designer, talks about how Microsoft Azure can help them not to worry about the underlying service, but rather think about features and data to implement and collect to make a serviced game like Hitman even better.



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