Introducing Developing Apps for Office and SharePoint, Part 2: Developer Platform Drill-down

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In this video, two Sr. Lead Program Managers—Mike Ammerlaan and Rolando Jimenez, for SharePoint and Office respectively—provide a technical drill-down into the use of standard Web technologies, security principles employed, and performance topics regarding apps for Office and SharePoint. Learn about the types of apps you can create, the various options for hosting your apps for SharePoint anywhere in the cloud (yes, anywhere!), and various deployment models. Rolando and Mike use demos of both apps for Office and SharePoint and provide insight into what's going on behind the scenes. Certainly there will be a deeper-dive on this later in the Inside apps for Office and SharePoint series, but this should whet your appetite!

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    I really liked this video, it gives you a clear view on what to expect and how to develop Apps for Office and SharePoint.  I think its a pretty exciting idea to be able to "expand" your documents being able to include apps in them, and also having the opportunity to sell and buy new apps.

    Pretty awesome!

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