Introducing Developing Apps for Office and SharePoint, Part 3: Tools – Access, Visual Studio 2012, and “Napa”

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In Part 3 of this introductory set of videos, Jim Nakashima, Eray Chou and Steve Greenberg—all Sr. Program Manager Leads—discuss the tools you can use to develop apps for Office and SharePoint. Steve, Eray, and Jim discuss the Microsoft-based developer tools available and show demos of Access, Visual Studio 2012, and our all new cloud-based tool, code name "Napa", available in Office 365 Preview. You can sign up for an Office 365 developer site to get started using Napa (note, this is a Trial Beta Preview so do not store anything on your O365 site that you want to keep for the long term). Also, as mentioned in the video, it's a great way to get the Visual Studio 2012 tools installed on your machine. Build your first app in Napa and then click to "open in Visual Studio". All the software you need for developing apps for Office and SharePoint Preview will be downloaded/installed on your machine if not already there. But please keep in mind, although this video highlights the Microsoft tooling, with the new app model for Office and SharePoint you can use your own favorite tools to build your app for Office and SharePoint. Stay tuned for more on that later in the Inside apps for Office and SharePoint series.

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